Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trip to.....The Bakery

One of my very favorite things to do with grandchildren is take the walk from our home to the Wyoming Pastry Shop (the very same bakery that made the glorious chocolate on chocolate wedding cake for Sharon and Matthew's Party). So when you come to visit Grama Max you can expect a walk and a cookie!

And as you can see- we had quite a group for this bakery trip. Sarah, Deseree and Anthony were spending the week and then there was Marianne, Reeder and Hayes and also Elizabeth and her daughter Eden (Elizabeth is Marianne's sister- Eden- and Elizabeth and Eden call me Grama Max as well- and I get a warm feeling in my very core when I hear them call me by my most favorite name).
And we took over the place- with a crowd as large as ours there just isn't much room for anyone else!
And then there is the clean up- before the return walk home- Reeder is helping Eden- it's quite amazing how messy cookies can be!

By the way-do I need to mention that Don was working?!

1 comment:

Lucas said...

I wanna cookie!!!! Where's my cookie Aunt Max? (And I can even clean up my own cookie mess!)