Monday, June 30, 2008

Trip to..... Cincinnati

This is the first of the "Trip to...." blogs. Don won't chime in because he didn't make any of these "Trip to...." I don't suppose any of you will be surprised when I tell you that he was working- in San Fran or Cinti- while I was "moving". Don did drop me off at the airport here in San Fran and I flew to San Diego where Marianne and babies met me. We went straight to the Outlet Mall- that also won't surprise any of you either. Of course Reeder and Hayes needed to be outfitted for this trip home to Cinti- and even Marianne was able to find a thing or two (a rare event when I'm shopping with her and the babies). Then it was home to get the kiddos ready for our trip. I hadn't seen Hayes since he was almost brand new- and now he is a big boy- big enough to have such fun with the bath. What fun for Grama Max to watch!

Notice how Hayes is successfully finding his thumb- I might add though that he usually doesn't find it when he really needs it! So much for "self soothing".
But we were up EARLY the next morning- and for all of you "doubting Thomases" I was ON TIME! and we walked out the door I think around 6:30 or so for the train. Clint was also avoiding this leg of the trip- but he did take us to the train station.

And we're off. I stayed by the track waiting for the train- while Marianne RAN to the Starbuck's that was a couple of blocks away- she did make it back in record time- And we did make the train!
We stretched out in two pairs of chairs facing each other- and watched the ocean pass us by-

We arrived in San Diego...

Notice the baggage- all ours- we were not traveling light!
But notice the absolutely beautiful train station!

And then we crossed to street to the bus.

We loaded the bags - and a baby (or rather Marianne loaded the bags- I'm pretty useless in the heavy lifting department)- I watch her carry around both Reeder and Hayes (at the same time I might add)- And am amazed!

We got to the airport on time- but our plane wasn't- so we found a place to "camp out" and wait.

But we finally boarded- an almost empty plane. Because of the bad weather in Cinti our plane had been delayed so many of the passengers had found alternative routes- not us- So we stretched out over the two back seats.

Now we did have THE WORST LANDING THROUGH AN AWFUL THUNDER LIGHTENING STORM! But it's been a while now- so just suffice it to say I (and every single person on that plane) was awfully glad to stop- abruptly at the end of the runway.


Lucas said...

Aunt Max,
According to The Captain, ANY landing is a good landing! (It's better than the alternative right?)

Amber said...

it's about time you posted your trip to cincinnati! i love all the pictures and of course your narrative!

The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

Great pics-especially of Reeder being photogenic for you! Do I really have to do it by myself in a few weeks?