Sunday, March 9, 2008

We have a new Grandson!

On March 7, 2008 Hayes William Kappel finally arrived! And what an arrival! At 10 pounds 4 oz- this is one BIG BABY! In fact he arrived after completely outgrowing all of the newborn clothes- straight into the 3 month size for this BIG BOY.

Mommy and Baby (and Daddy) are doing great. The BIG SIS is trying to get adjusted- though it is a bit rough. It is so hard to learn to share - share Mommy and Daddy that is- at 2- when you've had them quite all to yourself.

Don and I traveled to see this newest addition to our ever enlarging family when Hayes was 8 days old- still so very, very fresh. The perfect age for Grama Max- why all I have to do is sit- and sit some more- just holding this adorable bundle of baby.
It's not so easy with 2 year olds- they have more "active" demands- but not the very fresh baby- just sit and hold the baby. Sheer joy! I loved it!

As you might guess from the dialog thus far, Max spent a significant amount of time sitting and holding Hayes. She occasionally let Clint hold him in the evenings,

and of course had to give him up when he got hungry, but other than that, Max was pretty busy sitting in the chair holding Hayes. But don't think that Hayes got all of Max's attention. Reeder did help her fix breakfast a couple of mornings. Here they are making home made biscuits. Note that one thing Reeder might have inherited from her Grama Max is the tendency to have a serious "bed head" in the mornings.

On the good side that gave Marianne a lot of freedom to spend time with Reeder, who seemed to be starting to accept this new brother, but was also pretty needy for her Mom's attention. So she did get time for some bubble blowing,

and playing dress up, in this case what appears to be a princess, witch, Chinese mermaid.

And she even did a little cooking for us using her kitchen set that was a Christmas gift from the combined forces of Amber, Brandy, and Max. Note the shoes.

Don scurried about some- there's always a list to keep Don entertained when we visit- the kids are appropriately determined to keep him feeling useful in his "old age". As for me- I just sat- and sat- and sat- holding that NEW GRANDSON- who curls up just right in my arms.

We did plan an outing though- THE OUTLET MALL. There is absolutely NO WAY I can afford to buy clothes for any child (old or young) here in San Fran (I stopped in at a couple of ADORABLE SHOPS- why it would have been over a $100 to buy an everyday outfit for a baby- I don't even spend that much on folks that aren't growing out of their wardrobe every 3 months). But this NEW BOY needs some clothes (can't wear pink for long- even though there are some hand me downs from his BIG SIS). And of course I can't resist all the absolutely adorable spring dresses they make for Reeder. So we packed up the car (did I mention that when we all traveled I was smushed in between two car seats in the the back seat- I'll need to lose a few more pounds if I ever really fit in the space- but it is the best seat in the car- close to both of the babes. So off to the OUTLET MALL-

Don thought he could convince us to let him stay home- little did he know- he was the pack mule for the NEW BABY- while Clint kept Reeder entertained- And Marianne and I spent money in record time- I don't know that it is my personal best- some trips with Am in Ohio probably top this one in actual dollars spent- But we certainly made good time- And found the CUTEST clothes ever.

Reeder does like clothes, but I think she likes not wearing them even more. She had a great time going "nudie" in the house, but notice the shoes. Max had to get her those and she did love wearing them.

My tasks were pretty simple this visit, but one of the first was to put together Reeder's work bench that was a birthday present, it was actually Reeder's Christmas present- I've never been one for doing anything on time- give me a deadline- And I'll be late! Ask my family! but was still in the box in the garage. Reeder helped me out and soon started putting bolts into holes.

And I guess I would be a bit remorse if I didn't put in some pictures that are here just because I think they are good pictures.

So you can see- Our newest addition is a special treat for his Grama Max and Grampa Don!