Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Friend Comes to Visit!

Sharon Parker and I have been friends for almost 31 years! I met her when I was 7 months pregnant with Clint- and started to work 3-11 in the CCU at Norman Regional Hospital and she was the 3-11 Nursing Supervisor. Now Sharon is a lawyer as well- so is RN/JD- and is in charge of Risk Management, Security, etc. etc. etc.- I lost count- at Norman. And they sent her here for a conference which was a real treat for us! .
We hadn't seen Sharon for 2 years- the wedding year-
since she and Bruce, her husband, came to Cincinnati for Brandy and Will's wedding, and then we went to St. Louis for their son Josh's wedding. We had thought for a bit that Bruce might be here as well but the schedule didn't quite work out. Bruce is now retired so it's a bit harder to schedule events around his new full schedule of RETIREMENT!. But while we were touring San Fran, Bruce successfully road his motorcycle from Oklahoma to Montana to become a BUN BURNER- 15oo miles in under 24 hours. To learn more about the BUN BURNER award you might just "google it". Now it probably goes as an understatement to say that Bruce loves his motorcycle. But Bruce is the Parker family "Uncle Sam" - that by the way will only make sense to the Kappel/Lucas group. But back to the point of this blog - it was a real treat to be able to spend some time with Sharon before her conference started.

And of course if you're with Sharon- a visit for chocolate is always in order.

And there was some entertainment on the wharf- but then there is often some sort of entertainment here in San Fran. Quite often the entertainment here is what locals consider to be perfectively normal, but those of us who might be from somewhere other than the Left Coast might consider to be somewhat "different". Who knows what prompted the "conga line" that came out of a restaurant in front of us, or why this young lady in a gold "dress" and fishnet stockings was leading it, but in San Francisco - Why not?

But Sharon really impressed us- She had a total hip replacement just a couple of months ago- but not that we could tell- we did walk a bit- and we had to keep up with her!

And then we finished the day at the Cliff House for dinner.

Unexpectedly Sharon also had a bit of time late Tuesday afternoon- so she and Don went to the Japanese Tea Garden while I finished up work- and then the three of us when down to the Marina for dinner at the Pacific Catch.

What a wonderful visit! Nothing can beat old friends from home come to visit!

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