Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trip to.....Chicago

Amber moved to Chicago just a few weeks ago. She will begin graduate study at Loyola in pubic history this fall. But why Chicago you ask? Well- Amber fell in love with Chicago (much like my relationship with San Fran) when she visited it the first time for an 8th grade school trip. She is off to a great start.
A trip to see Amber was just too tempting to pass up- So I drove over from Cincinnati (need I mention that Don was working) to pick her up and bring her back to Cincinnati for the BIG PARTY!
And first on the agenda was a trip to IKEA and TARGET- to finish out the necessities for Amber's first apartment.

As you can see we were very successful!
Amber lives in a great neighborhood- and on our drive to her apartment we passed the ballpark during a game.
Amber lives just a short walk from Wrigley Field- how about that for all of you baseball lovers!

After the shopping- highly successful shopping I might add again- we were off to dinner. We went to a vegetarian restaurant- the first all vegetarian restaurant I've ever visited.

Imagine my surprise when I read in one of my food magazines (I must admit I can't keep track of which one)- that this Veggie Diner in Chicago is one of the best- and one of the best in the country.

And of course we were celebrating the beginning of this new chapter in Amber's life!

For breakfast we were off to a restaurant called Ann Sather- AMAZING!

I do now know that they do have the BEST CINNAMON ROLLS!
And from here we took a walk through her neighborhood- shops, restaurants, coffee shops. Rather like San Fran- just not as many yoga studios!
And then to the lake!

Amber lives just a very short walk to the lake- so after breakfast we took our walk to the water. What a wonderful place to spend a morning!
Finally returning to Amber's apartment to leave for the trip to Cinti.

Did I mention that Don was working?

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Lucas said...

Amber is just cute as a button!