Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Family Album

Now this is suppose to be all about Hayes- well as a matter of fact this first part is all about Hayes- Hayes' Baptism. But Big Sis Reeder upstaged the little man even at his moment on stage.
Since I had a camera at the baptism, I sort of got the job of digitally recording this blessed event. But baptisms do take a little time and since Clint and Marianne were pretty busy with Hayes, Reeder noted that she was somewhat free to explore this building. And so she explored, Hayes was baptised, and I just took pictures.

Hayes was appropriately baptised while Mom & Dad assisted. But Reeder did do a little exploring.

It is very, very exciting to sit in the chair of the PRIEST during your little brother's Baptism.

Or maybe just loiter by the piano....

But playing in the Baptism Font was the most exciting!

And in fact was so exciting that cousin Eden decided to join the fun! And why not, after all her Mom & Dad were the God Parents and certainly had obligations to participate. And since cousin Reeder was free to explore, why not her??

And those candles all flickering were awfully tempting.

And Look- The Baptismal Candle- Now that is exciting!

As for Hayes- well he was charming- smiling- interested-

and I might add very well behaved. Think he thought the whole thing was just the way to spend a Sunday afternoon being surrounded by more people who want to hold him- and Hayes is most comfortable in the arms of one or another! And God Parents Uncle Steven and Aunt Elizabeth, and Mom and Dad were appropriately behaved as well!

Daddy Clint and Hayes!

And Grama Max makes three!

But this whole weekend was a weekend about family, and we certainly did get a good dose of family. There is nothing like a wedding or a new baby or a baptism to bring a family together. The rest of this blog is mostly a pictorial overview of the weekend of family. Hope you enjoy it.

Lucas and The Captain both showed up, although we expected neither, and Great was in heaven seeing these two grandchildren who are among her favorites (not that Great would ever admit to having favorites).

Cousins that almost never see each other got time to talk and laugh and get better acquainted.

And second cousins got together to play and giggle (What are they doing in the street??)

And Grama Max got to see her new granddaughter Samantha and play with Taylor.

And more cousins and 2nd cousins

And the niece that shares my passion for photography and introduced me to blogs...

Mother and Son!

Mother and Son!

And who would have thought that tubs of melting ice could be so much fun with a just a few big spoons. I do believe all the 2 years olds (and there were 4 at this particular party) chased more than a couple of ice cubes.

Grama Gay got introduced to Sharon and they hit it off great, or maybe it was just that the sangria was really good.

Anthony does love his daddy. When Sarah was in town the whole week before the party, she would talk to Shawn on the phone and then let Anthony listen to the phone. Anthony sure knows his daddy's voice.

Great got to hold her newest great granddaughter.

And the youngest and oldest hands of our family!

Matthew shows off his skills with babies. At least this one wasn't one of his sick patients.

Uncle Fouad and Aunt Mary are always part of our family.

Holding babies is always a favorite pass time for this Grama.

and for Aunt Boo.

And the uncles.

The sisters even had a great time even without the sangria.

Of course the dogs are part of the family. Too bad we didn't get any good pictures of Semper. The old guy is hanging in there.

Even Uncle Michael got into the baby holding game.

Feeding the fish with Grandpa Don! Always a highlight of any day!

Petting the Lampe's rabbit!

And of course we went to the park!

Father and Son!

Aunt Boo is still holding her new nephew Hayes!

Still a loving couple after all these years!

A Mother's undivided attention???

Loving siblings!


Grama Gay always has a magic touch with the babies!

Do you think our little mischievous Reeder notices the babies are crying? (I vote yes!)

I think she is going to follow in the footsteps of her Grama Max!

Cookies with sprinkles leave a memory in ones mouth!

I do believe that Eden likes to visit the bakery with her Grama Max! And Grama Max can't wait to take Eden and all of her grandbabies to the bakery! In fact there is nothing in this world that warms the heart so much as family coming home. So until next time just remember I am loving you- and remembering our special time together.


Amber said...

I love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Mom and Don; great looking family! love,b

Lucas said...

LOVED all the pics! It was such a great time to all be together. Love you guys!

Karen said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for posting them and letter this 'ole aunt enjoy!

Greetings to all!

Karen said...

Well, what I mean was...


Fingers work better than brain?
Brain not connected to fingers?
Old? Tired? Nap time???

Karen said...

Well, what I meant was...


Time to quit!