Friday, August 10, 2007

Opening Words

This announces and initiates the next year's experiences as we start a new experiment this late in life. Max has always dreamed about living in San Francisco. She fell in love with the city the first time she was there. But we all have lives to lead and children to raise and jobs to do, so it was only a dream. I've been to San Francisco so many times, I doubt if I could remember half of them. It has been part of my job to learn about and understand the continuing genesis of biotechnology that sprang to life around this city. A seed can germinate, but unless it puts down roots and is nourished, it will wither. The nourishment of the biotech industry has been the opportunity to make money, and that opportunity was grasped by the venture capital industy. For years I wanted to learn more and participate in the VC world, but as I said above, we have other things in life that take priority.

But now, for what ever reason, the stars have aligned. P&G has asked me to move to San Francisco and work with a VC firm for at least the next year. Max just got a new contact at the university for 5 years, but they have agreed to give her a leave of absence, and Amber needs independence as well as a place to live in Cincinnati for the next year before she undertakes graduate school. So Max and I will move to SF in September and Amber will live in and take care of our house and dog while we are gone. It probably couldn't have happened any other year, but this year when the stars were aligned, it did.

So this blog, which in itself is also a new experience for us, will be our way of recording our life for the next year and how we will share it with our friends. We hope you will enjoy it with us.