Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebrating Matthew and Sharon, Cincinnati

The party in Cincinnati for Matthew and Sharon was on Saturday, June 14 and we had a great time. Both Amber ( and Lucas ( have already posted their reflection in their respective blogs along with some wonderful pictures.
But wedding/elopement parties are about family- our family- and the welcome of our new member (not by the way the newest member-- by the time the party rolled around Anthony had arrived in December, Hayes in March and Samantha just 4 days before the party). This family began 14 years ago with Don and me and 4 daughters and 3 sons for a total of 9. We've grown! And now we are 4 daughters, 3 sons, 3 daughter-in-laws, 3 son-in-laws, 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons for 21! S0 now you just might say we are propelled from one celebration of family to another.

So this party was to welcome Sharon- our newest daughter-in-law to our family!
This party was a bit different from the one we had in NY. We planned this one as very casual in our house with home made sangria, (Sangria is a new learned skill from San Francisco- it is amazing what we are learning in San Fran) and a BBQ dinner (The barbecue was prepared by an old friend of Don's from P&G- who would have guessed the career options available to a retired microbiologist!). The weather was delightful and folks were able to spend time on the screened porch, outside, or through out the house.
Max decided to expand on the fact that Matthew and Sharon were married in Hawaii, consequently, the flowers were all tropical including leis for Matthew and Sharon and the double chocolate cake from Wyoming Pastry Shop.

I'm not sure that it would have been so smooth to plan this party if we hadn't been able to call on our friends- Don called Jim about the Barbecue- I called Mary at Wyoming Florist- And Kim at Wyoming Pastry Shop- And they did all the work! And what a wonderful job they did!
But like I said this party was about family in general- and the celebration of our family in particular.

So there was Matthew, Sharon, Uncle Sam and of course the Grand Matriarch of our family- Grandma Lucas!

And of course our special niece Kelly and her wonderful brood- Shelby, Bailey, Darby and Lucas!

And Aunt Jan, Uncle Sam, Grandma Lucas, Don and me!

Uncle Fouad, Aunt Mary and Anthony! Fouad is a friend I met when I first started at P&G. He and Mary started as wonderful friends and soon became family.

And the dearest of friends, Aunt Gay and Aunt Sue!

Our niece and nephew, Amy and Shawn! These two were a great surprise. We had hoped that Amy might make it if she could get on a flight. She did, but then Shawn also came in later in the day and surprised not only us, but also Amy who didn't think he was coming.

Me and Sam!

Darby and her Uncle Shawn!

Amber and Jason!

Matthew and Jason!

Matthew and Kelly!

Darby and Deseree eating Graeter's Ice Cream- the absolute best Ice Cream in the World!

Grandma Lucas and Sarah!

Sharon and Clint!

Me and Amber!

Matthew and Sharon!

Sharon, Matthew and Gay!

And our pretty girls!

Mary- just 4 day's after "birthin' Samantha Opal!



Amy behind her camera!

And our beautiful BRIDE!

But I do believe the highlight was the chocolate on chocolate to die for CHOCOLATE CAKE!
It was just so tempting sitting there in it's glory all through the party. So the tiniest of our family started asking for the cake before we'd even had the barbecue- but they just had to wait. Finally the moment arrived...

With the rapt tiny audience...
The reward was worth the wait!

And of course our BRIDE and GROOM!


Amber said...

It's about time! I hope you had a relaxing day off together, and can't wait to hear more from Max's Dream. love, am

Lucas said...

It was such a great party! I love swimming around in family. There's just nothing like the feeling I get from it! And Sharon is such a welcome addition. It's great to see Matthew so happy! Thanks for having us!

Anonymous said...

Again, I'm sorry I missed the party, looks like a wonderful time! I can't wait to meet Sharon in July. love,b