Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cincinnati June - Samantha Opal Daniels

I'm really not sure how we were able to pack so much into one two week period during this last trek to Cincinnati, but we certainly did. This trip will generate a number of new posts, but first is the arrival of our newest member of the family, Samantha Opal Daniels. I didn't dare even hope that we would get to see this new baby during this trip- it just seemed too much to hope for. I could hope that the weather would be good (it was rather mixed) and that the barbeque would be good (it was), but I thought it would be too much to hope for my new grandbaby- right at the perfect time. But it happened- a new baby to make this trip home absolutely perfect! Mary and Kevin's new daughter came on Tuesday, June 10. Samantha (SAM) is a family name in the Lucas clan. My Dad's father was Samuel Van Lucas, my brother is Samuel Van, and of course Mary Samantha the mother of this beautiful girl. Opal is also a family name, my mother's middle name. And Opal is one of my favorite gemstones, one that is creamy white with sparkles of pink and blue light. This new grand daughter is also a jewel as you can readily see.

She was 6 days old when this picture was taken and she is a sweetheart. I'm not quite sure if this little one will be quite as beautiful as her mother (Mary Samantha)- or her Great-Grandmother (Juanita Opal), but she sure is off to a great start. She is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect in every way. For those of you interested in those traditional vital statistics, she weighed 8.25 pounds and was 21 inches long with lots of dark hair. Mary's delivery went well and she came home with Samantha the day after the delivery. As you can see from the following pictures, this little girl is special, especially to her father's side of the family. Kevin is one of two boys and his brother has two son's. This is the first girl and they are excited about her arrival. But not any more that the proud father.

And of course one of the best parts about Samantha's arrival is that her great grandmother was there see her. Here are Juanita Opal, Mary Samantha and Samantha Opal. This was truly special.
As you can see, Great was enjoying seeing this namesake more than anyone.

And I loved seeing these four generations together- Grandma, Don, Mary and our beautiful new granddaughter.

But then, we all were enjoying this wonderful event and the special timing in which she arrived. What could have been better than to give us a new grandchild while we were in Cincinnati celebrating Matthew's and Sharon's marriage. We all just gave thanks for a wonderful healthy little girl.

Uncle Matthew got his turn to hold his new niece.

And the two special honorary grandparents, Fouad and Mary Ezra. They have been friends since Mary was born, and to have them with us this past week was also very special.

But extra special is how excited Taylor is about his new baby sister.

And he is always excited to help....

But then nothing is quite as good as a chocolate cookie!

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Wow, beautiful baby! I love the pic with Grandma Lucas, Don, Mary, and Sam! love,b