Monday, June 22, 2009

Las Vegas newcomer

I guess it's my turn to chime in on our newest family member. This week I was a newcomer to Las Vegas to see Mikayla. I don't suppose there is much to be said above and beyond what others have so well provided. She is a pretty little girl who spends most of her time sleeping, eating and pooping. She does wake up a few hours a day and seems to be attempting to figure out what this new world is all about. She does know how to say she is hungry, although sometimes it can be confused with "change my pants!"

Now Max and I have the best of both worlds here in Las Vegas. We go to bed early, sleep late, and get to play with Mikayla during the day. Mom and Dad get night duty, and as you see below, they tend to catch naps whenever they can.

And Max is pretty good at double tasking. Holding Mikayla is something she seems to be pretty good at, and will at times also read facebook or email or even knit.

And Brandy is already well into the double tasking mode. Mikayla needs food regardless of whether or not Brandy has school work to do.

We did spend Father's day here and it was great to celebrate with Will on his very first Father's day. Please excuse this next picture, as it does not have Mikayla in it, but we did celebrate with a fine dinner

And then of course needed a Father's day picture to go along with the meal.

And regardless of whether it was Father's day, we also took some Mother - Daughter/Mother - Daughter pictures.

So enough of these family shots. Here is the star of the show.

And finally, my favorite picture.


Liz said...

Oh! She is so cute! I am glad you are having a good time out in Las Vegas

Myrtle Spyker said...

adorable pics! i love the knitting and holding the baby at the same time :)

Beyond The Strip said...

Grandparents are great! They cook, they clean, they hold Mikayla, let me nap, amazing! I don't know what I'll do when they leave!

vjb said...

I agree, the last is the best, what a great smile

Lucas said...

No wonder she is the star of the show! Great pics UD!

Anonymous said...

You got some really great pictures that really show what she looks like! They will treasure those forever, because I know they are few and far between when eyes are open and there is even a hint of a smile! Miss you guys!