Friday, June 12, 2009

Shelby, Samantha's Birthday, and Flutterbys

Last weekend was a very busy one for us. Shelby (my niece Kelly's daughter for those of you who don't know the family tree) came down from Bluffton to spend the weekend with us. Shelby will be a senior next year and wanted to visit U.C.'s campus as a possible college for her. The fact that Aaron (Shelby's squeeze) is also a student at UC may have had some impact on the decision, and certainly did have an impact on the fact that her interview was on Thursday, but she didn't leave until Sunday. We loved having here and hope she does come to UC so we can see her much more often (like when she needs to do laundry and eat a good meal). I know it's premature- to hope that UC is the final choice- but I can hope can't I?
We also did a pre-celebration of Samantha's first birthday. Her real birthday was June 10 (same as Brandy) and her big party was June 12, but we think its fun to spread birthdays out, so Kevin, Mary, Sam, and Taylor came over for Brunch on Sunday Morning and Aaron and Shelby joined us for French Toast, Sausage and fruit salad. Sam got to open her presents from us and Taylor did offer some occasional help.

And of course there were presents- but I must tell you I think Samantha rather considered them more of a nuisance- My guess is she'll be more enthusiastic next year- and the next- and the next....

Then after breakfast we all went to Krohn Conservatory to see the butterfly show that they are having there. The butterflies were all in the seasonal room (where we had Brandy's reception) and it was filled with flowers and hundreds of beautiful butterflies. Krohn's will always be one of my favorite places to be in Cincy- It is always so very beautiful. And of course since Brandy and Will's wedding was here- and we all spent such an enchanted evening I always relive that wonderful winter night every time I go.
Here are some pictures:

We go places- and do things- with our Grandbabies that we just wouldn't do otherwise- and it is so much fun. Now there's really no reason that we couldn't just take the time and go to Krohn's to see the butterflies- but we'd just never get around to it- I know us- we'd sit by our pond- or take a walk in the neighborhood- or watch a ballgame- But with our babes we find the time- And I am so very glad!

Pretty Family!
Sam and her Daddy!

And her Mommy!


More Shelby and Aaron (the BIG REASON UC is so appealing?)


And of course SAMANTHA OPAL- our birthday girl!

And of course, we had to have a picture of Sam and her Grandma sitting on the butterfly chair.


Amber said...

love the pictures and the story! it looks like you are having a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Samantha is just BEAUTIFUL! I sure wish we had all been there! How long will the butterflies be there?
Missing you guys!

Beyond The Strip said...

Wow, what a fun birthday! I love the matching dresses! Everyone looks great.

Lucas said...

Oh my goodness! You just saw EVERY color of butterfly, didn't you? But none of them are as beautiful or fanciful as Shelbs & Sam. What lovely girls to feature and what a nice time you all had. And thanks for the pic of Aaron too. I haven't seen many of him and I've never met him so that was nice. Love to you all!!!

P.S. Did you know that Butterfly's were initially named Flutterby's but people kept saying it wrong and finally the wrong way stuck!