Thursday, August 6, 2009

A big hug all around

Well, I held this post up for over a week hoping Max would have time to chime in, but she has been pretty busy finishing up her work and getting ready to leave for a week at piano camp. She flew out this a.m. so I am posting without her.

These last two weeks were pretty trying to say the least, but last weekend provided a big dose of family, something that always brings a real sense of belonging and security. With Sarah, Deseree and Anthony safely at our house, we also welcomed Kelly and Pat's crew from Bluffton and visits from Mary, Kevin, Taylor and Samantha as well as Michael and Liz. It was a house full, but well worth every minute of it. Kelly arrived for dinner on Friday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was so nice to have everyone at the house spending time catching up, eating, drinking, resting, and just being there.
Saturday morning Darby provided assistance in making our pancake breakfast. My previous helper, Bailey, has become a full fledged teenager much more interested in sleeping in than flipping pancakes with her uncle Don. But Darby has grown into the job and did a most excellent job at that. She is growing up into what is sure to become a beautiful young lady, just like her sisters.

Darby also demonstrated how grown up she really is by helping with the fruit salad. Little did Max know that Darby is rarely allowed to even approach a butter knife, much less one of our sharp paring knives. But once again she was up to the task and came away with all of her fingers intact and the strawberries nicely cut up.

A good bit of time was spent just sitting around with the children, making new and renewing old connections.

And Max got to put her new double rocker to the test. She insisted that we really needed this rocker so she could rock grandchildren in it it.

It proved to be just perfect for those evening occasions

And our new "Sun Room" or "Side Porch" was put to great use providing plenty of room for everyone to sit or to gather to eat. Of particular popularity was the corner over stuffed chair, my personal favorite place in the whole room. Kelly and Lucas seemed to appreciate it just as much as I do.

But the best part was just being there with everyone else, enjoying a glass of wine or just enjoying being with each other.

Even we old folks enjoyed trying out our new family room "double overstuffed chair with room for two.

And occasionally room for three.

or even a comfy place to lie down for only one.

The real hit of the weekend was the tool bench and tools that Kelly and Pat brought. Anthony, Taylor, and even Lucas enjoyed using the array of tools provided.


Liz said...

We had a great time seeing everyone. Thanks for inviting us.

Maxanna said...

What a treat! To open up my computer for just a break from much, much, much piano- And find this blog inviting me for a respite away. Thanks Don- It let's me travel again to that wonderful weekend with those I love.

Genie Bargain Shopper said...

Hey, that sun room is WONDERFUL! Is construction all done?

Lucas said...

What great photos and what wonderful family together time. Sending love and hugs your way!

Brandy said...

What a fun time, everyone looks great!