Saturday, February 28, 2009

February- The BIG BIRTHDAY Month!

Well, February is almost gone- and the last of the February birthdays were celebrated today. This is a BIG MONTH!- and this year particularly was a BIG YEAR. Don and I both turned 60! Amy- our niece turned 40! And Matthew celebrated 30! And then there was Taylor weighing in at 3- and Lucas (who shares Matthews birthday) at 5! We began the month with Tracy's, our niece's birthday on the first and ended with Elaine, our sister-in-law's on this very last day. A very short month- but a whole lot of partying going on!

When I got home from work on my birthday I found that my neighbors had decorated the yard to announce to the neighborhood that I am now a card carrying member of the Golden Buckeye Club- and can get those senior discounts!

Mary, Kevin and our BABES came for dinner.

And Mary brought my favorite- chocolate on chocolate from the Wyoming Pastry Shop.

And then we went to a great local French restaurant to celebrate our friend, Mary's, birthday- see I told you this is a BIG MONTH (you can see why if you count back 9 months- you know that little ditty about where one's fancy turns in the spring- well the results show up in February).

And of course desert!

And then tonight Michael and Liz took us out for our birthdays.

And we went to a Japanese restaurant- and I had my favorite- the BarBQ eel. YUM!

So this month draws to a close- and the party is over!


T-Bird said...

What a month! Next year we should plan a group party right in the middle. How much fun would THAT be??

Max's Dream said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. Maybe even doit right at the middle of the month like the 14th.

Beyond The Strip said...

Great celebrations! The roasted veggies, potroast, and mashed potatoes look really yummy! Happy 60th!

Lucas said...

It WAS an incredible month of birthdays. And you didn't even mention my handful of Saint Paul friends who ALSO celebrate in Feb. Crazy! As fun as it was, I'm glad it's over! Whew! Congrats on your Golden Ticket! Age certainly brings with it certain perks! :) Wisdom being my favorite......when do I get mine again????