Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Furniture is Here!

But first to dinner- a during the week- for no particular reason- let's see what we might try- recipe for dinner.
So I thought it was time to try fennel. I'm just a bit surprised it took me so long. Matthew loves it- and is always talking about fennel this and fennel that. But this is my year to work through all the produce- I still have to try bok choy- in my kitchen- for real.
But tonight it was fennel- and I found the recipe- in Eating Well magazine. I was amazed to find fennel growing wild all around San Francisco, well, not in the city, but up on the hills and cliffs near the ocean. But then again all kinds of things grow wild there, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

So first you:
Chop-1 fennel bulb- 1 shallot- 1 bunch of kale (or any other green- arugula- chard- spinach)- And you:
Zest one/two oranges- and then peel and section- we used two but think that one would have been plenty- there was a lot of orange left on Don's plate- and that's all he left on his plate- I left the meat- but ate all my oranges.
One orange was definitely enough. That was my job, sectioning the oranges and then removing the membranes around the sections. In fact, I would have been happy by just adding some pulpy orange juice for the flavor.
Then you grind:
2 tsp of fennel seed.
Note that this is a coffee grinder that Max bought in SF. It makes it a whole lot easier to grind seasonings, especially if they are seeds. The old mortar and pistil just doesn't work as well or as fast.

And then use the fennel seed to coat (also salt and pepper):
Two pork chop
s (or chicken- or not)
In non stick skillet heat 1-2 tbsp of olive oil- then brown pork chops- cook for 2-3 minutes per side until done- set on plate and tent (or cover to keep warm. Now you cook the fennel and shallot until glistens/translucent- 2-3 minutes or so-(I added a bit more olive oil at this point) then add kale or other green until wilts- then add orange and put meat- if using- on top and cover on low to heat).

Now all you have to do is serve it up!

You can almost see the new furniture in the background. Everyone note that I am smiling instead of scowling. I have heard you and will comply.

But in case you missed it: To the trained eye, one might note that we have wall to wall chairs now. There are no recliners, but we do have two chairs with ottomans.

And with softer light- it is winter- and it is dark- almost all the time that Don is home:


T-Bird said...

I like the new look. New rug too. I can't wait to come hang with you guys, it looks so cozy.

Amber said...

Words can not describe how much better this looks!!!!!! Really, Mom, nicely done! I love love LOVE it! Although the Asian art might need to be moved, doesn't go with the shabby chic you have going on!

Max's Dream said...

Oh Amber- I can't do too much change at anyone time!
Don wants to remind you that you were part of the search mode for this- So you ought to like it!

Beyond The Strip said...

The furniture looks great! I love it, can't wait to see it in March. Don't dare get rid of the Asian art, I was just fondly remembering that it has been with us since the days at 1712 Asbury Ct! Perhaps before that, but I don't have many memories of Brooks (like the house # for instance) and nothing before Norman.

Myrtle Spyker said...

the new furniture has a real refreshing look to it, i really like it. i always have a soft spot for the shabby chic look. nice choices :)
it also reminds me more of your sun room in SF. think that it influenced your taste at all?

Lucas said...

THe house looks great, warm and cozy. Must be all the love inside.

swetha said...
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