Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring, in between trips

This Spring has been a very busy one for us. We have put a lot of miles on the car and still have more to do this summer, but we were also pretty busy here on Wentworth. It's been a bit difficult just catching our breathe in between all the trips.  But then when we look back in pictures our life here on Wentworth takes on much more definition.  Every week that we are in town we spend a day a week with Hayes, and then one with Reeder.  Anthony comes for a visit one evening a week while Sarah goes to class. And if that isn't enough excitement this year Deseree delighted us by taking up track at Wyoming Middle School.  She was fantastic! Who would have guessed that our beautiful "couch potato" could run like the wind? Why we had never seen her do anything athletic
So mostly with photographs, we will recount our days of this Cincinnati Spring.

First, Krohn Conservatory brought in the annual butterfly show. This year they were butterflies from Brazil. I took the Kappel's for a big day!

I took Sarah and Anthony on a Thursday morning, a choice that was a bit of a mistake. As we drove up to the Conservatory, I was surprised to see the yellow school busses that were also arriving. One of the rural school districts nearby was bringing 5 big bus loads of young children at the same time we were arriving. Sometimes that happens, but we did get to experience the butterflies even though it was awfully crowded and LOUD.

Reeder had some great experiences this Spring.  First, she took Ballet through a school connected with the Cincinnati Ballet Company.  We all went down to watch the recital which was held in the same theater that the Ballet performs.  We were not allowed to take any pictures, but we did get this one post-preformance picture of Reeder with her flowers.

And she also took piano lesson this Spring!  We gave Reeder Max's old piano that Max's parents gave her over 35 years ago.  Reeder took lessons at our house from the same piano teacher that is teaching Max as well.  So Reeder had a piano recital.  Below she is performing one of her two songs she learned.

And here she is playing on Grandma Max's piano.  Her first real song she learned and the one she played at the recital is entitled "Grandma".

This year also gave Anthony and Hayes a chance to get to know each other.  Well, at first it was a little rough since two two year olds aren't really very good a sharing.  But before the Spring was over, these two had become great friends and really enjoyed spending time together.  Tuesday was our day to keep Hayes and then Tuesday night Anthony always joined us, so the overlap made just about the right amount of time for them to be together.

They helped me with Spring planting

We read books.

And feeding the fish in the ponds was always on the agenda.

Blowing bubbles also became one of their favorites.

For some reason, blowing bubbles at the fish in the pond was really special.

And of course Grandma was always the provider of things to do.

But I think their favorite thing to do came as a bit of a surprise to us.  After dinner and just before we took Hayes home, it was time for a bath.  They both had a great time in the tub and always asked when it was going to be bath time.

On our last day to keep Reeder and Hayes, we took them to the Zoo.  The animals were interesting, but the real interesting thing seemed to be the snack at the the end.  It was ice cream for Reeder and Cotton Candy for Hayes.

I did mention that Deseree ran track.  Max and I went to all of her track meets that we could.  Deseree ended up running the 4X100 relay and the 4X200 relay.  She had a great relay team that came in 2nd and 3rd in the conference in the 4X100 and 4X200 respectively.  She ended up with 5 medals for the season.  We are all looking forward to watching her run next year in high school.  Here are some action shots:

But not all of our Spring was spent with grandchildren, even though it really does seem like it was.  Our good friends the Delaney's from Oklahoma City came to visit for a long weekend.  Here are Claire and Max sharing some time on the double rocker.

And here are Claire and Oliver with Reeder.

We took them to the Cleopatra exhibit at the Museum Center.  If you get a chance to see this exhibit either here- or in other locations- you should definately go. Impressive for sure.

Of course, Max planned a dinner with Sarah and Marianne plus all the kids.

And we did have some great meals while there were here.

And finally Spring brought wild life back to our yard.  Marianne's gift of a gourd bird house finally got some use from one of our favorites birds, the Carolina Wren.  They are still on the nest, but expecting to see little ones soon.

And the deer are back again enjoying the unmowed grass of our next door neighbor's lawn.  The doe had twins this year.

And just this week a pair of Mallards thought my pond might make a good home.  I did have to chase them away since they also seemed to believe the my fish in the pond we theirs for the taking.



Lucas said...

Oh my goodness, such a wonderful post, where to start??? The butterflies on Y's head make for a darling picture!!! :) Also, when did Hayse turn into SUCH a redhead? Wow! So cute to see him and Anthony bonding. Also, UD your shooting is amazing as always. Loved the action shots of Miss Desi and the wildlife shots. Such a wonderful spring for you all.

Anonymous said...

love the blog! How long ago so much seems, but so rcent! See you soon for another dream adventure! -marianne and co

Brandy said...

Thanks for the great pics! As busy as the blog makes your lives seem, I only think it captures a small part of your business! The gran-kids are all so cute! I do think that mallard would have Don making weekly trips to buy new fish you let him.

Sandy said...

If I don't end up with any grandchildren (who knows?), can I borrow some of yours?