Thursday, June 16, 2011


MIKAYLA TURNED TWO! Don and I made a May trip to Florida to celebrate Mikayla's second birthday and what fun we had.  It was non-stop party center!  Well maybe not non-stop- but a wonderful time was had by all!  We arrived on Thursday- and spent most of Friday getting ready for THE PARTY on Saturday.  Brandy had everything all planned out- and most things ordered so there really wasn't that much for us to do other than a trip to Party City- but we were delighted to be able to help even a little with the preparation.

But enough of that- and on to the party!  Sunglasses were the party favors and they were well used.


And her friends!

And of course CAKE!

And rest assured this little one LOVES PRESENTS!

This purple dinosaur was a favorite ride.

Now not all was PARTY TIME! And one of the favorite things Brandy, Mikayla and I loved to do was sit under the tree in their side yard- and most importantly I do believe that was the only place in Florida that always seemed shaded and always had a breeze- and was cool enough to sit outside in the afternoon.  So everyday we'd walk to the shade and wait for the neighbors to pay a visit.  It was a fairly big Live Oak tree and it did have acorns, but they were the size pea.  Mikayla liked to collect them.

We always took a baby!

More acorns...

And occasionally a squirrel in the tree...

And then out to eat at a great restaurant on the Bay just a short drive from Brandy and Will's home... We sat on the patio outside next to the water... Ahhhh....

Then of course there was a trip to the beach!  Mikayla really got into this sand and ocean adventure!

Note that the photographers put all risk aside to get these shots. 

A few yoga positions were also needed at various times on the beach

Those big waves were awfully scary, but sitting on the edge with mommy and daddy seemed to give some reassurance.
Even Grandma got her feet wet.
Family pic on the beach

And even a foot rub for Mommy in the surf and sand.

On our last day we started with our favorite coffee shop- and of course a cinnamon roll (have I mentioned HOW MUCH Don LOVES cinnamon rolls!)...  Who would believe that our first trip there Max ordered one roll for the whole table.  This table needs at least two or maybe three of those cinnamon rolls.

And then we were off for an adventure at the park next to the Bay...

This calm, shallow warm water was much less scary than the surf at the beach and the playground had lots of things to do.

There were even pine cones to collect

We finished our adventure by taking Mikayla for her very first haircut.  She sat absolutely still.  Brandy said she thought she was so still because we'd absolutely exhausted her with all the celebrations!

The visit of course ended too quick... But it was time to head back and pack for our next trip- to Chicago to meet Evan's parents- and then to Philadelphia to see Matthew and Sharon.  So have van, will travel!  We were off!


Brandy said...

We were so happy you could come down and celebrate with us! We had a wonderful time! Thank you for the pics, Mikayla is always such a cutie (not that I am bias!).

Sandy said...

I love those photos of mother and daughter (what exquisite features)and mother and daughter and daughter. Too bad I can't type out the music from "Jaws" in honor of Don's intrepid photography!
Is it true that you two are actually DRIVING to all of these places? It seems like you're beaming yourselves from coast to coast.

Lucas said...

Those beach shots are really stunning! But nothing tops the beauty of family. Glad you had a magical trip. Please continue to drive safely! :)

lil sis said...

I just noticed that I have gotten a bit behind in reading your blog! These pictures are soo good! The Broadbents look great! Glad you could be there for her birthday!