Friday, April 23, 2010

Scenes from Spring: Easter

We weren't even rested up from Passover when Easter Celebration began.  We started a bit quiet with a trip to a quiet service by the Men's Choir at Christ Church Cathedral:

These are not members of the choir, but rather me (I really don't sing at all, Sarah, Deseree and her best buddy Selena.
These guys in purple are the choir and they did a wonderful job performing a piece by Thomas Tallis.

Followed by lunch at Don Pablo's on the River!

And then AMBER arrived!  For a visit!  From Chicago!  Hurrah!

So we "did" Easter Brunch!  Complete with Easter BAGS!  Yep, you heard it right!  Easter BAGS!  Remember I'm retired... So I have time...
Don and I made a quick trip to the fabric store!  And the rest is history!

Poor Amber!  Because of all the hours!  And I mean HOURS!  I spent waiting for her to make her purchase (usually under $5.00) from the Hello Kitty Store at the mall, whenever confronted with the possibility of getting her yet one more "Hello Kitty Whatever"  I can't resist.  And Amber is always such a good sport!

But Everyone Got a Bag!  Filled with Chocolate and Peeps...

And I might mention- Anthony thinks that the Chocolate Easter Bunny goes GREAT with eggs and sausage...

And then because this day was a GLORIOUS SPRING DAY!  We all went to the back porch to BLOW BUBBLES!

And Brutus thought this just might be the most perfect of Spring Days!

Don, Amber and I finished the day at Nada for Mexican (are you noticing my craving for "South of the Border")...
Before finishing at the Saturday Night Easter Vigil again at Christ Church Cathedral!

Now if this wasn't enough of a celebration!  Our niece Tracy arrived from Arkansas for a visit!

A wonderful treat!  Tracy took over the kitchen and made Pizza Rolls for all of us!
And everyone gets in on the fun!

Now I know you're thinking- "This has to be it!  This is enough! Certainly they couldn't do anything else to celebrate Spring!" WRONG!  We were off for one last fling to see the beautiful BULBS at Cincinnati Zoo!
And yes this is Anthony!  Fearless!  Petting the snake!

What fun we had!


Lucas said...

It looks like so much fun! Is it too late for ME to squeak in a little springtime fun?? Can't wait for MY turn with UD and Aunt Max. YAY!!!! See you SOON!

Amber said...

thanks for the blog!

Brandy said...

The bags are sooooo cute! Great pics, the tulips are wonderful!

Sandy said...

Wow - I love a choir, chocolate, bulbs, and nieces, but the most fun is seeing a fellow fabric-and-sewing fan make Easter bags for everyone. (My daughter is 25 and still wants a Hello Kitty calendar every year - her HK passion began in Japan at age 2-1/2.) I think picking out the fabric is the best part, even though that's a challenge here in the northeast of Brazil, where the designs are seldom pleasing and the cloth feels like burlap! But I enjoy the challenge.
I think your children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews are very lucky!