Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Beautiful Visitor!

Our niece Amy called last week and asked if we might like some company this week.  I bet you could hear our "YES" all the way to where you live!  Amy brings energy and excitement to all that surrounds her.  She is interested in everyone and everything.  Her curiosity is contagious! I always see the world just a bit differently by looking at the world for a bit with Amy. When you're with Amy you think perhaps you're more interesting that you thought before.  She listens with her whole body.  She looks out at the world with her whole body.  She can wake up a whole room from their slumber.   See- I knew you heard our loud "YES"!  We rarely get to see Amy since she lives up north (St. Paul, MN), so thoughts of visiting her are confined to the warmer month(s).  I understand that chances of frost are minimal in July and August.
We keep up with Amy via her blog.  But to have her here- up close and personal was a real treat!
And as fate would have it Krohn's Conservatory just started their Butterfly Exhibit.  So after lunch at the Half Day Cafe we were off! And we were so, so, so glad we did!  This exhibit was their Japanese Butterfly exhibit and they have two more planned each lasting about 4 weeks, so we plan to go again later in May and maybe again in June.  So here are some of the photos of those delicate little insects.

I have to say I loved watching Don and Amy photograph the butterflies almost as much as I loved watching the butterflies!

I think I might call Amy the "butterfly whisperer"!
Or maybe not?????
But what a great time...
And then we made a stop by the Ohio River.  Now it might not be the Bay- But I never tire of stopping to look out over this mighty river!
And of course there was a family dinner complete with Sarah and our wonderful GRANDS!
And might I rather modestly mention I made the MOST INCREDIBLE RHUBARB PIE!  I do have to admit that I think this rhubarb pie was probably the best pie that Max has ever made.  I know, it doesn't have any chocolate in it for those of you who have that preference, but the crust was perfect and the fresh rhubarb was absolutely wonderful.
Come again Amy! We're missing you already!


Sandy said...

More 'National Geographic'-caliber photos. Just lovely.

Amber said...

it looks like you had a great time! i love the butterfly pictures! mom, will you make a pie when i'm home in may or over the 4th?

Maxanna said...

Amber, Just let me know what kind of pie and it will be ready when you come home next!

Lucas said...

I have to say that reading your description of me brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Aunt Max. I love you! It was a lovely trip although WAY too short!! The shots of the butterflies are amazing and that pie was IN.CRED.I.BLE!!!!! Thanks for everything. You guys are the best!