Thursday, March 18, 2010

Retirement/Vacation Phase 4

Well, if you've been following these blogs you might think our trip to the west took weeks, maybe even months rather than the 13 days we were gone.  But we packed enough in the trip that we might have been gone for weeks... Well maybe not.   I think maybe we just wanted to keep the trip going for a while, and if we had finished these blogs all in one week, it would have been over sooner.  At least now we get to go back and do it all over again in print and pictures.

But before we leave the trip behind we'll finish with the great hike we took with Brandy and Mikayla to Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas.  Will didn't home from his business trip until late on Friday- so he decided to sleep in- go figure- rather than hike the 7 miles at Red Rock.  Don't understand that- huh?  Who would have thought that a 9 month old would be a great hiker?  But then again, her hiking is akin to traveling in a giant RV with all the comforts of home and a staff of servants.  This "backpack" could only be improved by also having a refrigerator built in.

So we packed the truck with the dogs, the baby and lots and lots of gear.  It's amazing how much "stuff" it takes for a little one so, so little. 
And we headed out...

And we just basked in the beauty of the place!  I have to say that people who think the desert is drab or boring, either have never been there or never looked around if they were there.  There is so much to see in almost every direction if one just takes time to look.

Below is the reason they call this Red Rock.  It's difficult to tell from this picture, but these sandstone formations are enormous.  I took this picture from about a mile away.
This was our view at the start of the hike.  Our destination was just about to the base of those mountains.

And I thought you might like to see my view!  It's not that Brandy and I were jogging or anything.  Max just walks at a different pace, usually regardless of whatever pace we had.  I think she just likes to keep an eye on us.

Yep you got it.  I bring up the rear- Always- I just wouldn't know what to do way out in front!
But they would pause- and wait- and wait- for me to catch up!

I caught up!

And then Mikayla needed a diaper change- have no fear- we have gear!  As I said, this "backpack" has everything a kid would need.  In this case it was a fold out changing pad, nice to have to keep her soft tush off those rocks.

And we stopped for a bit of a snack..
But I have to tell you- Mikayla is an absolute doll!  She loves this "hiking" adventure!

This "rear view mirror" is also part of the backpack.  Gotta make sure all is well in the back seat.

And then close to the end we stumbled upon a group of wild burrows..

Don and the dogs...

But then finally our trip had to end- and we boarded our flight to the east.  And discovered that winter was still awaiting us!

Welcome  Home!
On the upside, the parking lot had folks there who helped us clean the car off and get it out of this snow bank that built up around our car while we were gone.  But we did get off the plane with only light jackets totally unready for the 20 degree weather, ice and snow.  But it was good to get home and even better now to finally finish this blog.


Amber said...

your pictures are so clear! i love them. also, i didn't even thing about the snow piling up around the van! ah, winter!

Sandy said...

Somehow this bare natural beauty surrounding the artificial excesses of the Vegas strip make the entire place surreal!

Lucas said...

Ok, first off? That backpack looks like a freakin' SPACESHIP! Wow! And second? GORGEOUS shots, all of them! So glad you guys are having such nice trips and travels with such great family and so much to do! KUDOS!

Brandy said...

I guess we were like Bedouins trans versing the desert with our queen riding on air! That snow must have been a shocker after a couple of weeks in the desert!

vjb said...

Always love your blogs, great photos, and great comments with a wonderful humor and banter between the two of you.

Liz said...

How pretty! It looks like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

That's some backpack! I don't know how she managed that. Mikayla is absolutely beautiful (and mom's not bad, either!)

-Aunt Karen

Drew Harrison said...

Indeed, it's quite a misconception. The desert in the movie Lawrence of Arabia is stunning, and so is the one in your pictures. What a way to spend a vacation, and you've got the pics that anyone could admire, so good job!