Friday, March 26, 2010

Basketball Madness-Bluffton Style

We made our annual trip to Bluffton, Ohio to visit our niece Kelly et al AND WATCH BASKETBALL! And what fun!  Now as we write this blog we're watching Ohio State try to eek out a win over Tennesee.  But I tell you- watching Bailey and Darby play in upstate Ohio beats this game any day. 
But first things first- we arrived in Bluffton on MY BIRTHDAY- So of course this was a good enough excuse for a party!

And it goes without saying that this was a real hit with Anthony!
And our girls, Deseree and Darby (granddaughter and grandniece!) never fail to entertain!

Poor Anthony!  The BIG GIRLS couldn't resist their baser impulses!

But don't you dare worry a bit about Anthony!  Bluffton is THOMAS THE TRAIN HEAVEN!
But enough about the PREGAME FESTIVITIES!  This was about BASKETBALL!
The first game of Saturday was Bailey's- in the semi-finals of the season ending tournament.  AND THEY WON!  What a thriller- but no nail biter- they led the whole game!  For those of you who don't know Bailey, that's her in the red asking for the ball.

And below setting up the inside defense...

Below here going for a rebound

and below shooting...
Bailey was amazing- all over the court- really in the face of the opposing team.  The opposing team had never lost- but then they'd never stood up against Bailey either!
And then we were off to Darby's game!  And that game was a real milestone of the season.  Darby made her VERY FIRST BASKET of her career as a basketball star (like her Grandpa Bill and her Uncle Don)!  And her team won their very first game of the season.  What an exciting day! 

Darby has turned into a tenacous defense player.
And I should not fail to mention that the coach for Darby's team is non other than her beautiful mother- and our niece- Kelly!

  And something that I almost didn't believe, below is Bailey watching Darby's game and just playing around with a basketball.  Then she stood up a held the basketball with one hand.  I worked and worked to do that and finally was able to when I was a junior in High School, three years older than Bailey.
And of course the stands were filled with cheering fans!


vjb said...

Oh my, how does one family have so many smart, attractive, talented members. Bill and Nita must be looking down with enormous pride.
Keep those blogs coming.

Amber said...

so much fun! but you two are way behind! you need to get to blogging!

Brandy said...

I agree with Am! Get to blogging. Great pics!

Lucas said...

I have to admit, I am SO STINKIN' JEALOUS! I just wanted to jump through my computer to be there with you all! I'm telling you.....someday I might just move to Ohio too! Wouldn't THAT be something?

And belated Happy Birthday Max.

And finally, don't I have the most beautiful sister in the world???