Friday, October 30, 2009

A Trip to Bluffton!

We missed, really, really missed, really, really, really missed our fall trips to Bluffton to watch Pat's football team play ball. And for two years we were gone- to San Fran- and couldn't go. So this year we couldn't wait. And it was even better than we remembered. Nothing like a weekend cheering on a high school team- and enjoying a wonderful time with a family you love so very much! And this year we had quite a crowd. Traveling north with us were Sarah and Deseree and Anthony and Mary and Taylor and Samantha. And if you think that's a crowd- well this year was a particularly lucky year- Michael and Liz joined as well!

So after an evening of pizza we headed out to the game!

And isn't Sarah so cute in her hat?

And it was so great to have Michael and Liz! And I might mention that Michael did a great job later in the evening managing the fire pit! (I missed most of that cause Don and I retired much before the party ended to our B&B for some R&R- we are the "oldies" but "goldies?"

My beautiful girls...

My Guy!

And the "babies" absolutely love playing at Kelly's. There is so much to do. They think they are in a "baby heaven". And I think they probably are!

Now I have to tell you- that Don and I were in bed by 11:30- but the party lasted until after 2am. So when we arrived the next morning for breakfast everyone looked just a wee bit tired. But Kelly did feed us well. I love having breakfast at Kelly's. Sitting around the Prichard table- always beginning with a prayer brings a rich, deep joy that I carry with me for ever so long.

But we weren't taking pictures.

And then Don left with Kelly and Shelby to take Senior pictures- and most of the rest of the crowd was either napping- or outside (it was cold) on the trampoline. So I watched OU and Texas- I just can't bring myself to print the score... And knitted- on a blanket... for Christmas...I hope.....Perfect weekend. I just love our trips to Bluffton.

On Saturday afternoon, I went out with Shelby for a photo shoot. Shelby wanted some pictures taken as possible senior picture photos. Now I am certainly not a professional photographer, but since Lucas couldn't come that weekend and since I do have a camera, I got to view Shelby through my view finder. We took a lot of pictures and I have no idea which ones, if any, that Shelby may want to use. but below are some of my favorites. She is a beautiful girl and I think these speak for themselves.

Isn't she unbelievable beautiful?! We already have our room reserved for her high school graduation. Wouldn't miss it!


vjb said...

She takes a great photo, what a beauty!

Liz said...

We had a great time!
What great pictures of Shelby!

Brandy said...

Looks like a gob of fun! Sarah's is definitely cute! Don's hat looks like it might belong to a younger nephew? I love the pics of Shelby, my favorites are with the yellow top. It goes great with the trees in the background.

Lucas said...

Aren't those games the MOST fun?? SO MUCH Pirate Pride! And you all look GREAT in red! :)

Shelbs, you stunner! I couldn't have done any better! Way to do UD! I especially like the ones in the yellow top and her hair looks FAB!

Amber said...

Great pictures! And looks like you had a great time! I like the 3rd from the top! Smiling in yellow!