Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving Day in Phili!

The weekend after we returned from the Birthday Bash in Tulsa we piled back in the mini (van that is) and headed east on a mission. We intended to move everything that Matthew and Sharon own in just one mini (van). Is it possible? It is if the seats fold down (one of Chrysler's really good ideas) and you make lots of trips.

Their apartment they were moving from was on a tiny little street. The picture below pretty well shows what it was really like. The tires of my van just fit between the curbs.

Don and Sharon stand ready (and eager?)...

Well I actually didn't take any pictures of the load (after load, after load, after load) that we hauled to their new BEAUTIFUL CONDO. I'd pack and carry (did a little Face booking from time to time) while Don and Matthew and Sharon carried boxes, loaded the van (and Sharon's Element) and would go to the new Condo and carry everything either up the stairs- or a short elevator ride up. Then we (Sharon and I) would start unpacking while Matthew and Don went back for another load. I really didn't get any pictures of the actual moving- see we were plenty busy. But I did get a few at the end of the moving..
We did get it all in, or at least the majority of it. Note that it is all just in, not arranged and not unpacked.

t is also worth noting that Matthew could open his own library if he so desired. We moved a lot of stuff, but it seems we mostly moved books and a bunch of books shelves to hold them all. I think there is a great opportunity here for Amber to apply her cataloging skills to organize this library.

I LOVE KITCHENS! And as I unpacked gadgets and dishes and pots and spoons... I imagined all the meals that would be cooked in this kitchen. It will be interesting to know exactly how long it takes Sharon and Matthew to find all of their kitchen stuff. Max put it all away, somewhere.
I did get one picture by the mini (van). And you really can move an entire apartment to the new condo with only a mini and an Element.

And of course we took a "basement" wine...

And if you're wondering if we were "all work and no play" you don't know me and Sharon well enough. We never let a potential adventure in food and drink go neglected.

And sangria... Gotta to comment on this "modern Mexican" restaurant called Distrito that we went to. It is be owned by some chef that was one of the contestants on Iron Chef. It was highly rated by Philly diners, but what makes anyone think that folks who believe that cheese steaks are high dining would know good Mexican food when they eat it. Well they don't. The food was expensive with tiny servings, but that wasn't so bad because it really wasn't very tasty. Trust me, Max's pictures were much better than the food.
And then we moved to beer...

And our enthusiastic "boys"...

Isn't she cute?


Anonymous said...

Just a note: "Real" Mexican restaurant food is NOTHING like what passes for "Mexican" in the U.S.


Anonymous said...


Was it really a Mexican restaurant? I associate sangria with Spain and Spanish foods.

Oh, it's been so long! I definitely need "refresher" travel!


Amber said...

great pictures!looks like you were a big help!

Myrtle Spyker said...

I hardly know where to start on commenting on this. How to put how grateful I really am and how much I love you guys in words is just impossible. My father the next weekend kept saying how you two had done all the work! (I left lots of projects for him and he was amazing too!) I'm still so impressed by being moved by a mini-van and my element...Love the photos and everything you wrote, Thank you Thank you, Thank you!!!!! XOXOXOXO

Brandy said...

Cute pics! I thought the "street" was a sidewalk at first! Great job mini!