Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Momma Brandy in Chicago

Now as I started telling the story of our Baby Momma Adventures I mentioned that this whole trip started out quite simple. Brandy was going to fly to Chicago (at one time Will was even going to come along) for a long weekend with her little sis in her new Chicago Digs. But of course those simple plans were BEFORE THE MOTHERS stepped to the plate and "took charge". So first Maggie (and sister-in-law Annie) planned the Boston baby shower- and then Mary Jo and I planned the Cincy Party. But eventually the Baby Momma Brandy did make it to Chicago- and I went along- to drive- and to supervise. But as Amber lamented during the trip planning stage- exactly how much partying could anyone do with a PREGNANT- so there really wasn't much supervising to do- though I did keep them busy trying to drag me along from place to place- they are tough to keep up with.

We started with Breakfast- I plan all my days around meals- and I don't miss any!

So we began with Ann Sathers (my favorite place for breakfast- maybe even my favorite place for breakfast in the WHOLE WORLD)- for Cinnamon Rolls and eggs.

And the look of satisfaction after the first bite!

Now I have a few more pics of the girls on DAY 1- and then still some on DAY 2- but by DAY 3 they would rush away anytime they saw me coming with the camera.
But on DAY 1 they really indulged me!

Now this first day was absolutely gorgeous weather- in fact this weather was so great you wouldn't have even known we were in Chicago- you might have been confused and thought that rather we were in San Fran...

Except for the ice floating in the lake... That I think might be a first clue!

And we spent most of the day outside- walking the neighborhood- and walking the path near the lake- both in Amber's neighborhood- and up at Loyola.

And we walked around the outside of Wrigley. They're working on getting the ball field ready- but let me tell you- they have a lot of work to do yet- it did not look like baseball season is almost here.

And we took the "L".

And ate at a "hippie" restaurant.

I think they're a bit discrete about their politics don't you?

Well- Day 2 weather was every bit as BAD as Day 1 had been good. Cold- and pouring down- I mean POURING DOWN RAIN. We got absolutely drenched walking to breakfast- so we hiked it back to the apartment- changed clothes- and took the car instead of Public Transportation.

First stop- Adler Planetarium- And fabulous exhibits- And so much to learn...

I did my first 3D! Of my entire life!

And then we were off to the Field Museum...

We started with SUE- the largest tyrannosaurus rex (known of course as T-Rex to close family and friends)- Sue was found in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1990 and has been on display in Chicago since 2000. No plastic model for Chicago- this is the REAL DEAL!

You could spend days in this museum- and still not see everything. So our afternoon visit barely made a dent- the rest will just have to wait for another day- and another visit...

And in case you're wondering- the WEATHER stayed miserable for DAY 3 as well- cold, rainy, windy. Another perfect day for museums- so we were off to the Art Museum-

And the Edvard Munch Exhibit. Now I really don't have many pictures from this day. The girls were REALLY TIRED of stopping for me to take yet another picture- and with the change to day light savings time we lost an hour of our afternoon- so moss did not grow under our feet-

Even at the Conservatory!

This conservatory was INCREDIBLE- about twice the size of the one in Cincy- and even had an entire room for FERNs- I was wishing in a big, big way that my daughter-in-law were with us- she would have absolutely loved it!

And here I mostly took pictures that were blurred as the girls rushed from one room to another before we were rushed out into the Chicago cold and wind!

Now at the end of this trip we were all exhausted. But I saw even more to love about this beautiful city. And can't wait to go back- and see more- again- and again...

And again!


The Life and Times of Poose and Hawk said...

Looks wonderful-except for the rain, of course. I love that preggo Brandy! And with her and Boo in the red shirts and jeans, you could almost see what Amber will look like someday!

Nurse Horrible said...

I love ferns. And fiddleheads...

Nice supervision, by the way!

Beyond The Strip said...

What a great weekend! You forgot to mention that the reason Am and I were rushing you through the conservatory is because we arrived with only 15 minutes before it closed. I will admit it made a nice excuse for blowing off the paparazzi.

Maxanna said...

I did feel "blown off" but I recovered- and I did try to take some pictures- all of which have you walking away!

Amber said...

Great recap of the weekend, although, its worth saying that you have a different interpretation of it. I wasn't so much as lamenting as pointing out the obvious to you.

Lucas said...

Looks like you gals had a great time. I must admit, I'm jealous of the mother daughter time you got to share. I'm missing my mommy right now. :) But it was lovely seeing all your photos (you tell those girls to hush!) Thanks so much for sharing.

And Aunt Max, your first 3-D EVER??? How did you like it?

lil sis said...

Brandy looks beautiful pregnant!