Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Last Time: A Trip to the Vineyard!

We actually "discovered" St. Francis Wine back in Cincinnati in our neighborhood wine shop. Dave (the owner) casually said one day- "I think you would like this wine- and it's really underpriced- It won't stay this cheap for long." It was actually the "wine" of the month at Dave's store and we had recently joined his wine club. Well, we loved it- and Dave was right- it didn't stay that cheap for long. The last time we I looked at the wine store in Cincinnati it was $24.00 a bottle. At least here we can get it for about $16. So it's not what you would call cheap but it sure is good. I wonder how much of it will make it home with us. It became that wine we saved for only special occasions- just the two of us. Not here in San Francisco - We take that drive up to Sonoma and load the case- after case- into the trunk of the car. Here is our house wine- shoot- we might open a bottle any ole day of the week- with nothing particular to celebrate. So we took the last trip to Sonoma and paid our last visit to the winery- and loaded the last cases into the trunk that will make the trip across several state lines on our trip home.

My first trip to St. Francis was exactly 1 year and 9 days ago when our dear friend Gay was here to visit. It should be noted that when "we" go to wine tastings at the wineries, Max does the tasting and I do the driving.

This time Don and I decided to go for the wine and food pairing- always a treat! Four wines- and four delicious bites from a great chef. Such a wonderful way to say goodbye! Ok, so I did do some tasting at this one, but we also had food, so it wasn't exactly just drinking since the food does tend to moderate the effects of a few swallows of wine.

As I was wandering around the grounds (and Don was making our last purchase) the song "I left my heart in San Francisco" kept playing and replaying in my mind- and I felt sad one more time. San Francisco is the only city I've ever loved- and it's hard to leave a love- especially a first love- a young love. Why I was only 19 when I fell in love with this city- and there isn't anything quite like a summer love (ask me- I finally married mine!) (I thought I was a first love. We dated when we were 17- we actually fell in love the summer of our 17th year- and that was two years before she met San Francisco.) (I just love that Don is jealous- of a city- isn't this just so wonderful!) Oh I'm so grateful for the opportunity to really know this city I love- But oh it does make the leaving sad- when I stop to pause- and remember the moments of this year. And before I get really sad at these moments (that keep coming a bit more often the shorter the time is I have here) well I just start singing another song- "And if you can't be with the one you love, Love the one you're with" so here's to Cincinnati- the one I'll be with, and love!
So on those cold nights in Cincinnati, I'll sip a glass of St. Francis and think about "this city on the hill with the morning fog..."


Beyond The Strip said...

The food and wine look delish! At least San Fran will always be there for you to visit.

Lucas said...

There's no law that says you can't just move there for good someday!