Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Last Time: A Trip to Point Bonita Lighthouse

For the second day in a row we have made a last trip. This time to another lighthouse at Point Bonita. Are you getting the idea that we like these lighthouses? Point Bonita is quite close to us as it sits at the entrance to the Golden Gate on the north side. This trip has been one of our favorites- it is so close- but it seems that a lot of "locals" just haven't discovered it yet- so never so very crowded- and always spectacular. This light house was first built in the 1850's and has been replaced at least once. It sits out in the Pacific on a rocky ledge above a rocky shore that took many boats to the bottom. This next picture was taken from the Marin Headlands high above the point and you can see how it stretches out into the ocean.

In this picture you can't actually see the lighthouse, but trust me it is at that tip of land in the distance. And I do mean a tip of land, or rock in this case. As you can see in the picture below, the ocean has worn away the original route to the lighthouse, so they now have a short suspension bridge that you use to walk over the rocky coast line to the actual lighthouse. In fact only two people at a time are allowed on the bridge,

and if you look down while crossing it you will be relieved that there isn't more weight on it. I only looked down a couple of times- and decided that if I looked again I might just freeze in place- besides there is a line on either side waiting to cross- and we'd waited for a while before embarking- so didn't want to suddenly start delaying this process of crossing- but it is a LONG WAY down to the water- and there a gaps between each board so you see the raging waves beneath your feet!

The picture below is of the same bridge taken from the lighthouse side. And yes, that is the surf just below it.

And if you look north up the coast line, you can see why this area was so dangerous for shipping before the lighthouse was built.

This light house is still being used, although they now use a 1000 watt bulb in it instead of wicks and whale oil. But the Fresnel lens is the original that was installed in the 1850's and it still warns ships of the rocky coast.

I loved the eagle head rain spouts just under the roof.

OK, I promise that's the last lighthouse picture you will see. We don't have any more to visit out here. Well- at least all the lighthouse pictures from the "left coast". I do believe we'll be visiting lighthouses- on the "right" coast whenever the occasion arises.

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Beyond The Strip said...

Great pictures, glad you guys are enjoying your favorites one last time.