Saturday, May 3, 2008

All About Food- Sometimes cooking- Always eating- (Take 2)

Thursday evening was "Friday" for me since I'm off on Friday and then work the weekend. A perfect night to walk down to the Marina for dinner at an upscale (translate- more expensive), trendy (translate- noisy) Mexican (chef run) restaurant. We were the second people at Mamacita last night. If the restaurant is "trendy" we know to get there early or we won't be able to hear anything after the crowds arrives and the noise climbs and climbs and climbs.

The waitress explained that this is a "small plates meant to share" restaurant- and that we'd probably need 3-4 plates. She was cute and friendly as she explained how the menu worked- guess we looked like we needed a little more help than their usual crowd- well below 40, not almost 60!

We began with the ceviche- and it was fantastic- and we did share!

From this small plate we went to two small plates of tacos- fish and then carnitas. And they were terrific. I didn't get any pictures. If you're sharing "small plates" you want to be careful that by the time you're starting there is still something "small" left to eat. And the tacos were great. And did I mention we shared a pitcher of sangria- and I do love the sangria!

Max did look at the dessert menu and was considering it, but although the several choices all looked very good, they were just too much for Max to go ahead and commit to a full dessert. So we passed.

We felt pleasantly satisfied- not stuffed- just satisfied. So we paid the bill and began the walk up the hill. Regardless of where we eat out, the after dinner chore is to walk up a hill. When you live at the top of the hill and all the restaurants are all down the hill, you have to walk back up.

Well about a block later we (Max) weren't completely satisfied so we stumbled into a chocolate cafe... We don't have these little chocolate shops in Cincinnati, but there is one every couple of blocks in the commercial districts here in San Francisco. And these aren't little cheap chocolates. Each of these little delicacies cost about what a small box of decent chocolates costs else where.

And had just a bit of a nibble....

Now Max picked up the lady bug chocolate because it was so cute. She just couldn't bite off the head, so she started at the other end and ate forward. The smiling head was the last to go, but go it did.

As we were strolling down one of the streets I very casually mentioned- "Have you noticed how many really pretty young girls are out and about on these streets?" Well there was no reflective pause- no space to indicate he hadn't ever thought about it, but if I mentioned it he would consider the idea- no- there was no pause- as he explained- "'WELL, YEAH!". I did gently, timidly suggest that he had been just a bit too quick with his response- and then he went on that asking him if he'd noticed the pretty girls in San Fran was rather like asking his if he'd noticed the redwoods when we walk through Muir Woods. Good thing I feel secure in this relationship- what with all these pretty girls about- though I'm not sure that they're noticing my "metrosexual" all man- who maybe needs to trim the eyebrows just a little bit -husband!

And by now "we" were just pretty "finished" for this night on the town- so we caught the bus to the top of the hill! Well, not exactly to the top of the hill, but rather a little ways up the hill. As I said before we are at the top and none of the buses actually go up that high. So regardless of what we eat, we always get some cardiovascular exercise climbing up a couple of pretty good hills before we get home. But I have to say that riding this bus up part of the way is always a gift.


Lucas said...

Aunt Max,
I'm guessing that if you look closely, you'll find many beautiful men to look at in San Fran as well. Of course, most will probably be staring at your handsome husband, but still, eye candy is eye candy and best of all? No calories!

Anonymous said...

Good point Amy!!! made me laugh out loud! :)