Sunday, May 4, 2008

All About Food- Sometimes cooking- Always eating- (Take 4)

I suppose it is my turn to chime in on this food series primarily because I made a good bit of this meal myself. Our dinner at Mamacita (see food post # 2) posed the question: "Why not make some of these dishes ourselves at home?" What a good idea, we thought, or at least I thought it was a we. As it turned out the plan was made to make our own upscale southwestern meal on Saturday, the weekend that Max had to work. So on Friday evening the menu was developed and a grocery list was drawn up. Now it was my responsibility to shop for all of the ingredients and then get this meal started before Max got home from work. The first objective was to make the sangria so it could mellow all afternoon in the refrigerator.

Next was the ceviche. For those of you who have never had ceviche, it is a cold dish of some kind of raw fish marinated usually in a lime vinaigrette. I remember the very first time I had ceviche- it was with Don (or course)- he was on a business trip to San Diego and I tagged along. We went to this restaurant by the bay on a pier- Wow- I couldn't believe that food that sounded kind of yuck could taste so fantastic. But you don't go back to Cinti and order Ceviche- So all I had were faint memories. But now- now I'm in San Fran- and we've found two restaurants that make great ceviche- And even better- I know that Don can make this for me whenever I get an urge- and I do believe I'm going to be getting some urges! This one was tuna in a lime juice, olive oil, chiles, and garlic marinate to which was added chopped tomatoes, avocado, red onion, and cilantro. We ate it on blue corn chips. It was so good!!!

This last picture was right after Don tasted the first bit of ceviche- he was too quick or I would have gotten the trip of the chip into the mouth- But I'm rather fond of the shot I got- though Don wasn't enthusiastic about including this picture- and insisted that some sort of explanation must be included- so you have it- I rather like the action shot!

Next was a spicy mango salad. The dressing was another lime juice, olive oil, minced shallot vinaigrette. The salad was a mixture of shredded red cabbage, slices of jicama, jalapeno chiles, red onions, cubed mangos and cilantro. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to get the jicama, so while Max finished this dish, I set off to our local grocery to get the jicama.

Finally our main dish (as though we actually needed one) was sauteed shrimp tacos. Max put these together while I was shopping for the jicama. The shrimp were sauteed in with olive oil onion, japapenos, garlic, butter, and parsley. Oh my, were they wonderful.

For those of you who have spent all of your days in the midwest, most of the tacos served here are made with soft corn tortillas that you just wrap around them, pick them up and eat them.

So we just stuffed ourselves on this wonderful feast. Now we know that we can do it ourselves and make it just as good as these great restaurants.

PS: The recipes we used are from the cookbook "Dona Tomas"- written by Thomas Schnetz and Dona Savitsky- chefs who own a quite famous restaurant called- you got it- Dona Tomas. over in Oakland. We haven't been to the restaurant yet- I understand there is often a wait- but I now have the book. But I am most excited because we have been unable to find a really good Mexican Restaurant in Cinti - we've tried- But now the search is over- we'll just make it ourselves at home.
PSS: I'm still working on the fish tacos- more on that later.


Lucas said...

That's it! I'm getting on a plane, I'll be there in 4 hours, have that exact meal waiting for me please! Your loving (and hungry) niece!

Anonymous said...

So what are the hours at "Chez D&M?":)

mary and fouad

Shan said...

You guys missed your calling....
you should be running a gourmet cafe with outdoor dining amidst lush gardens. Can't you just see it?

It's NOT too late ;)