Sunday, November 18, 2012

We are a little bit behind in our blogs, but we have a pretty good excuse which will be more clear once we post the next blog. Now I know maybe some folks might think a couple or three weeks is a "bit behind" but quite frankly I think we're a little early with this one.  Why it's not quite Thanksgiving and we're going to wrap up Halloween before the next big celebration starts.  Don't you agree- we're really quite early with this one?

We drove up to Rochester Hills, Michigan in late October to see Brandy, Will and Mikayla, and also joining us in Michigan were Amber and Evan.  It was typically cool in Michigan and we had a Saturday full of outdoor activities.  But to be honest, this blog isn't really about information about our trip but rather a photo album on cute pictures. Don took his camera- so let the fun begin.

First of all, Mikayla had soccer practice.  We all dressed appropriately and set out for the park where her "practice" is held.  It was windy with temperatures in the high 40's.  Now if you're thinking maybe the expression on my face is just the pleasure of watching Mikayla running up and down a soccer field you would be wrong.  I was just shivering.  I'm trying to get use to the Michigan cold!

Mikayla was also well layered and particularly enjoyed protecting the goal. Notice the intensity!

She gets great coaching from her dad as well as an occasional knee on which to rest during slow times during the "game".

But Mikayla also likes to run and can give the ball a pretty good "kick".

Mikayla did kick the ball from time to time, but the running was what held the attraction so once the ball was kicked she could out run it anytime!

After soccer we headed to the "pumpkin patch" to pick out pumpkins for the later Jack-O-Lantern carving.  Mikayla quickly found some of the larger specimens.

Amber and Even also found their  favorites.  

Brandy and Will get quite serious about pumpkin carving.  The had purchased special tools, stencil, and pumpkin scrapers.  The dining table was set up as a work station and the four of them focused on their respective designs. Now Don and I did pick out a pumpkin and carried it home to Cincinnati- uncarved.  It now sits quite comfortably outside our kitchen window.  Tis the season.

Mikayla and Max set close by and offered constructive advice about the process and the designs.  Of course neither of them were terribly focused on the process, but mostly on enjoying the occasion.

The products were pretty amazing!  Note the one on the bottom left done by Evan, an excellent rendering of his New England Patriots emblem.

And of course the whole group had to pose on the Broadbent's deck to show off their work.  Max and I didn't really do anything except take the pictures and keep Mikayla entertained while the workers dug out the pumpkins and carved the designs.  I consider our contribution to be one of supervision and direction. Mikayla of course was in charge! You might note that there are 5 pumpkins and only 4 pumpkin carvers.  Well, Mikayla's pumpkin is the the one on the top left.  Mikayla was of course the artistic inspiration. She picked out the design and her Daddy did the work.  

And finally a mug shot with all twelve mugs in the picture.


Sandy Needham said...

I'm convinced that you two beam yourselves around the country.

Lucas said...

Those are some pretty professional looking pumpkins! And that Mikayla is as cute as a button!