Monday, November 15, 2010

Today Is My Son's Birthday: He is 33 Years Old!

Today is my son's birthday.  He is 33 years old.  I remember 33 years ago today.  You just don't forget days like that.  The birth of a son. 

Today his children sleep upstairs.  Today his wife waits in the hospital for his third child to be born.

Today he is in somewhere in Helmand Province in Afganistan.  With his men.  With his Marines. 

Today I am proud of my son. 

Before this extraordinary day Clint came home for a visit before leaving.  And we did ordinary things.  Watched OU play UC.  Racked leaves.  Watched Reeder at her gymnastics class.  Ate together.  Found our pumpkins for Halloween.  Together.  Ordinary times. Together.

And now we wait.  For Clint's children to awaken.  For Clint's third baby to be born.  For Clint to return home. 

Our map is in the dining room.

Our Blue Star is on our door.

We wait.


Brandy said...

Very nice post Mom, I'm sure Clinton is doing well in OEF.

Elizabeth Irvin said...

Grama Max...What a beautiful post! The tears are streaming down my face and I hope you know how much we love him and think of him everyday.

Sarah said...

That was well said from a VERY proud mom! He knows how much you love him. Your loving words made me cry.

vjb said...

What a loving tribute, very moving. Happy Birthday to your son, may God's angels spread their wings to protect all of you.
I wait with you in my heart for the new baby and for Clint's return. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

YES! We will wit with you, for baby to come and Clint to come home. Kids got a letter ready to send tonight.
Love you and proud to be a part of the waiting team.
Kels& CO.

Anonymous said...

mangozraYOur love and hope and prayers will carry him through all his trials....the love of his wife and children will drive him to be home with his almost arrived child. Our prayers will see him through and let you know how proud and lucky we are to have a young man like him serving our country!



Anonymous said...

magozra was the word verification????? to publish..doesn't belong in post


Lucas said...

Beautiful Max. Till they all come home again........

Sandy said...

All I can say is I'm waiting with you, too.