Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Visit to My Girls: Brandy and Mikayla

I really hadn't planned a trip to Las Vegas this fall.  But then my life is often not quite planned.  I've been lucky that way.  Unexpected blessings.  And this was just such blessing. 
Brandy, Will and Mikayla will be moving to Niceville.  I know- you don't know where that is- I didn't either- and you're probably going- "Niceville, what the heck?"- kinda sounds like a TV show- Like Pleasantville. 

Well, Will has already started his new job the first of October (Will still works for the same company- but was given a promotion and transferred from Las Vegas) and since his new job is in Florida he is mostly not in Las Vegas. So I made a trip to keep my girls company for a long weekend.  I had SO MUCH FUN!  I mean SO MUCH FUN!  There is nothing like a GIRLS WEEKEND!

Now Brandy likes to impress, so she and Mikayla met me at the airport-

with Mikayla wearing the dress that I almost knitted.  I got off to a great start- a really great start, but then I got up to the armholes I couldn't figure out what to do next. 

Lucky for me (and Mikayla) Mary Ezra didn't have any trouble finishing the dress.  Mary really, really, really knows how to knit. I'm mostly doing scarves now.  Simpler. Works for me.

Now I've heard about GIRLS WEEKENDS before- though can't say I've ever been on a GIRLS WEEKEND.  I'm kinda thinking that most GIRLS WEEKENDS don't quite spend so much time at the park- or "painting" on the patio.  But then in the end all successful GIRLS WEEKENDS are the same- the pleasure of just "hanging out" with girls you love!  And this on was really, really, really successful!

I'm going to share the highlights with you- just the highlights, just the highlights with the pics and you gotta believe I was there with my camera.

Well of course there was the bath:

And there were walks:

This was my view on the walk:

And there was ART on the patio!

And sometimes in the morning we'd just "visit" on the patio:

And I must mention the absolute pleasure of starting your day with my angel- with her morning halo!

I must tell you that Brandy has been busy, real busy!  In addition to a busy life as Mommy to Mikayla, she's finishing her student teaching as a high school science teacher.  She'll soon get both her certificate to teach as well as her masters degree in education.  (She already has a masters degree in history!) Now if this isn't enough- and apparently for Brandy it wasn't quite- she is training- and competing in Triathelons!  So while I was there she did the training necessary!

The weekend after our GIRLS WEEKEND, Brandy competed in her third Triathelon of this season.  She came in 2nd in her age group- and 8th over all.  IMPRESSIVE!

And much time was spent at the park:

And of course we went down the slide (well I have to admit I was more of an "observer"...)

And we logged real time on the swing!

And I was really, really, really busy before my visit!  I made a puppy dog costume for Mikayla's first Halloween Costume!

Brandy tried on the hat- and is holding "Puppy"!

PS: Amber tried the hat on when she came for a visit in Cincinnati earlier in October!

And notice that there are "dog tags" that say "MIKAYLA" and "PUPPY"!

 And now presenting GRAMA'S PUPPY MIKAYLA!


Brandy said...

Mikayla and I had a wonderful time as well! Thanks for coming out to visit us!

Sandy said...

Always impressed by you, Maxana, and always impressed by your family!

I don't miss the US politically; I could miss the good parts were it not for you.

My best -

Amber said...

She is such a cutie, and I love in her in the puppy costume. It looks like you had a great trip! Brandy makes me look like such a slacker!

Anonymous said...

looks like a wonderful time, and Mikayla is lucky to have you to make such pretty dresses and fantastic costumes!

Lucas said...

What a great GIRLS WEEKEND! Looks perfect in EVERY way! :)