Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's All About Me: Sonata (Coda)

Clare and I left Sonata on Sunday for Philadelphia and an evening with Matthew and Sharon.  I think probably Joe- Clare's brother says it best in a Facebook message to me- "Don't forget - in a slight reordering of planetary geography, Philadelphia is now on the way to Cinncinatti from Vermont. I suspect a wormhole is involved".  Well, it certainly looked "on the way" when I looked at my atlas!

We arrived in time for dinner!  And it was off to what is now my very, very, very favorite restaurant in Phily- the The White Dog Cafe!

Clare and I left early Monday morning for the final drive in our return to Cincy.  The roadtrip came to its end.  And I was home. And gradually my life returned to it's Pre-Sonata rhythm.  But it's impossible to abruptly leave this week.  I think for me this year Sonata only ended when I sat to play Chopin's Nocturne in F Minor for Don.  As the fates would have it I led him to my piano- and then noticed it was exactly 2pm- on Saturday- exactly 1 week after I had sat at the piano and played this piece at Sonata.  I took a deep breathe- and played for my most ardent supporter. 


Don said...

And it was beautiful. I heard her practice this piece in segments for almost a year, but never had heard it played all the way through. I have to say it is not my favorite, but it was magnificant and she played it beautifully. That piano we bought was worth every penny.

Brandy said...

That dessert looks so yummy! What a great trip.

Lucas said...