Thursday, April 23, 2009

Return to the West Edge of the Earth to Prepare for Mikayla Wren (and to visit Reeder and Hayes of course!)

This is a really, really, really hard blog to write. But I am determined! Very determined! But it so hard. The pains of procrastination!
So now it is almost the end of May- and this blog takes place back in April- And "what a difference a day makes"- well maybe little more than a day. But April seems so long ago- but I want you to see the pictures- because the pictures tell to story of such a good time.

But for that week in April I just rejoiced in family- what a fantastic time! I traveled to Las Vegas to help Brandy get the nursery ready for Mikayla- but before we started the work she and I traveled over t0 California to see Clint, Marianne, Reeder and Hayes.

So the first day I was back to Cincy I started loading up pictures... And then I returned to work (eventually I hope that the work days are around 8 hours- for now they often stretch into 10-11- and I am exhausted- but I am still hopeful that eventually...)

And then my computer BROKE- I don't want to dwell on that- just suffice it to say that I am not ever, ever, ever going to buy anything by Dell- And I still don't have a computer- Don lets me borrow his- And I'm not sure when I will have a computer- they're still trying to find it- they really aren't sure where it is- and they're sure that they probably can't ever find mine (we had returned mine for repairs)- so they think that maybe sometime.... they'll find something similar... and when they do they'll send it...

And need I mention that I spend a WHOLE LOT MORE TIME trying to keep this house at least one step ahead of chaos. There is a whole heck of a lot of difference between caring for a 7 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 114 year old house in the middle of construction -should I mention all the pictures hanging crooked- or the perpetual dust.. Well it's a lot, lot, lot more work than a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, no yard apartment in San Fran...

So April seems so far away. And I meant to get back to this blog..

And now Mikayla is here- and Brandy isn't pregnant anymore...

But I had such a great time- and I really do want you to see the pictures.

So here it is.

Now before Brandy and I started doing any of the work getting ready for Mikayla we traveled to California to see MY GRANDBABIES!

We started at an Earth Day Celebration at Balboa Park in San Diego:

And Reeder and I make homemade pizza!
And Hayes got a bath!

Brandy, Marianne, Reeder and I spent the evening on the couch- and every time one of us would leave for a moment. Reeder would announce- "We're missing a friend!" So below you can see THE FOUR FRIENDS!

And you just must go to the Wild Animal Park next time you're in San Diego! It is AMAZING. It began some years ago as a breeding, recovery park for the San Diego Zoo- it is big open places and LOTS and LOTS of babies- ANIMAL BABIES...

They've been so successful they have actually been able to reintroduce some species back into the wild after they had become extinct except in a Wild Life Shelters.

But of course I was there with MY BABIES!

And of course there was ICE CREAM!

And then we finished the day jumping the lilies..


But there was work to be done! So it was back to Las Vegas to begin..

But it wasn't all work- we found time to walk the puppies...

And play fetch with the puppies...

And oh yes- OUR TOES!


T-Bird said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. For the first time, I can look at pics of these people that I have never met and I feel like I know them thanks to the time you spent getting me aquainted with them all. Your family is beautiful and so are you. Love the toe shot by the way, my pedicure is the one luxury I refuse to give up!

Beyond The Strip said...

Oh boy, the fact that I'm up blogging at 12:00am says how much life has changed in the last week! So glad to have help getting the nursery ready and can't wait to have you visit again soon. It will be great to have the help!

Liz said...

It looks like you had a great time. I still can't believe how big the kiddos are getting.

Amber said...

great blog!

Lucas said...

Ok, not to knock everyone else, but Hayes is about the cutest dang thing EVER!!! Those smiles, that belly, those teeth, I just wanna eat him up! Thanks for all the pics and catch up stories. Loved seeing you all again! :)

Myrtle Spyker said...

that looked like a blast :) and getting a pedicure sounds sooo good right now. nice post!