Friday, January 30, 2009

So What's it With Blogs?

Some years ago I read an opinion piece in a magazine that lamented the demise of letters. The author went on and on and on about how with the telephone- and the cheap cost- both money and time- and our busy, busy life styles, people just didn't write letters anymore. The author was distressed not just because there is nothing quite so wonderful as opening your mailbox and finding a LETTER, but also because old letters were such great sources information about what was really going on in the life of people- ordinary people as well as famous people- just by reading the letters. Phone calls are just- poof- gone- just like that. Oh of course there will always be formal books- and magazines- and newspapers- but those are edited- and edited- and edited- so much of the time the writing is derivative. But a letter- now that is RAW.

I remember the first really great letter I ever read. It was from my mother-in-law #1. Oh how I would check the mail everyday while I lived in Hawaii for that letter from home. She'd have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard.
And then my friend Clare often sent cards with a note- that said- hey- I'm thinking of you- And I keep them still.
And my friend Gay writes such wonderful letters that I read and reread and reread- and keep them safe in my top drawer with my jewelry.
And when I'd get my niece Amy's Christmas letter I'd brew a cup of tea before I'd open it- so I could really enjoy the moment.

And then folks didn't even call anymore- we just dashed off an email- or text- cryptic- short- to the point. And I read another opinion piece lamenting the total decline in human communication- no structure- no tact- And very, very, very poor grammar.

But there just must be something about human nature that just doesn't give up what's really important. There was something deep inside that knew that we were missing something- we just didn't know quite what it was- or what to do about it.

AND ALONG CAME BLOGS. Why a blog is like a letter from home- a letter from an old friend- pictures of those you love and places you wish you could see. Even better than old fashioned letters because maybe I wouldn't have gotten that particular letter- but now I can read them all- and laugh and cry and have that cup of tea.

And even sometimes Blogs are like a letter in a bottle that washes up on the beach- and you read the life of someone you've never met- and never will meet- but this bottle has an address- and you can return and read more if you wish- and I do.

So there really is something to this Blogging. It's a throw back if you will. And I'm loving it.

So write that letter home today. Start that blog- And I'll love it- And I'll read it- and I'll race to may favorite bookmarks on my computer just like I use to race for the mailbox- so many years ago- in Hawaii.

So a big thanks to Amy- who started this family blogging- I'm loving it. Keep it up kids- you make your mother (and aunt and great aunt) very, very, very happy!


Liz said...

I completely have to agree! I look forward to the updates, just knowing it is a peak into the life of someone I love.

Lucas said...

Well then I have to thank my friend Kitten who started ME blogging. I love how the internet brings people together, blogs and Facebook, it's fantastic! I especially love your blog Aunt Max. And I love you.

Karen said...

And I am so enjoying the family blogs. But here's what we must remember: They may or may not be there tomorrow or a year from now, so, folks, copy/paste the good stuff to your hard drive, then pray it doesn't die. Do we need to start archiving on thumb drives?

I love old letters too, Max. Text on a screen will never be quite the same as a hand-written letter in an envelope with a stamp and a postmark!


Beyond The Strip said...

Well put Mom, and I'll keep blogging!

Myrtle Spyker said...

I'm sorry I've been such a blog slacker! Although I do have to thank the Lucas family for getting me into the blog world. You are my biggest ( and only) readers :)
I do wish I could blame the lack of writing letters to my bad grammer skills. ( never had 'em never will...) instead I blame it on my parents genes. :)