Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weddings and Funerals: It's all about the Family!

Before we completely return to our life here in San Fran- I am drawn once more to those days in Tulsa when we surrounded by our family- this family that in ordinary days is stretched across the face of this continent. Though Mom and Dad- the hub of this sprawling family- stayed put not far from their childhood homes in Oklahoma, their boys began early migrating to places far away. Mom always kept telling us that we should find jobs right there in Tulsa so we could be together more. But as we all left Tulsa to go to school and onto jobs we landed in Oklahoma City, Norman, Kansas City, St. Louis, Tucson, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, Columbus, OH, Cincinnati, Grinnell, Iowa, and Houston. Even across the ocean as we were reminded when we rediscovered the scrap book of Mom and Dad's trip to see Bill, Elaine and their beautiful little girls in England so many years ago. We traveled across this continent as we poured one more time over the myriad of "family" albums that Mom always kept handy for our reminiscing.
Now it is weddings and funerals that bring us together. Sunday dinners and summer picnics filled with the young and old of our families have long ago disappeared from our life. Now time with our sprawling family is rare- and precious. So for a while I relive these moments in time- and once again marvel at this gift of family- this wonderful family of mine.

Sprawling families like ours always spawns the question- Are we second or third cousins- and how does one count the "degrees" of cousins anyway?

We all knew that Mom was the hub of this family, its center that held us together and consequently pulled us back together again to celebrate her life as we mourned her passing. I kind of wonder what will pull us together again in the future. Is there an event that will bring all of these cousins back into one group again?

We squeezed in a wonderful dinner with Granddad Frank and Grandma Fay!

Grandma Fay and two of her "Greats"!

And I took a trip back memory lane with a walk to Will Rogers High School- that special place where Don and I met those many years ago.

And I couldn't resist the urge to wander into the "boys" gym- where Don played (and won I might add) many basketball games. I do want to mention that back in those ancient of days the "boys" wore short shorts (not the "girls") and my Don was HOT! Ask any of the "girls".

And Amber, Fay and I found our way to visit Philbrook museum... with a promise to return.. when we have more time...


Beyond The Strip said...

Thanks for more pics of the family, it is fun to see them all.

Amber said...

I want copies of your pictures from OK!

Lucas said...

I wouldn't worry about what will pull us together again in the future. While Grandma and Grandpa may be gone, their legacy of love remains and we will all forever be drawn together. We will travel from our scattered locations to come together again to celebrate each other and our love of one another, because that's what family does.