Monday, August 4, 2008

And It Is About the Food!

Well, first I must say that Reeder is not at all a "typical" two year old. We took her to 8 different restaurant/cafes in 7 days- and she was enthusiastic with each new food experience. I do believe those "love that food" genes are REALLY strong. Brandy always complains a bit that she can't quite keep up- I'm always planning the next meal immediately when we finish eating one- And I think one needs to eat at LEAST 3 meals a day- and of course needs a snack or two tucked in. Well Reeder keeps up- she is ready- And excited with each new food adventure.

We started with chocolate cake- a flourless chocolate cake- a flourless chocolate cake cooked in the kooky pan her Mom gave me for Mother's Day.

And Reeder and her Mother do like CHOCOLATE! But I'm not a real lover of chocolate, so I'll present the other side. I will eat chocolate, especially when it is diluted with something else like nuts or peanut butter. This was called a cake, but it was more like fudge, solid pure chocolate fudge. All of you chocoholics would probably love it. Reeder and her Mom did.

Now Reeder can be pretty basic- and restaurants are usually prepared for children- I do believe we were never at a place that didn't have macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese or meatballs or chicken fingers- they do know the way to a two year old heart! There actually was some of this macaroni that made it to Reeder's heart. She did do a job on it and in short order. As you can see Marianne doesn't often feed her so we had to make up for it here in San Fran.

Using a fork- rather than fingers- slows the process a bit- But there is enthusiasm all along! (Notice most of what she orders are macaroni and cheese!- Definitely just like her Aunt Boo!)

But not to be discouraged- she was ready for the chop sticks! Even more amazing was that she was eating- Grama's favorite at Pacific Catch- grilled eel on a rice bowl.

As for Hayes- well he eats anyplace- anytime he get hungry! Though not much variety!

On the trail in Muir Woods or in the park while Reeder fed the ducks, whenever we stopped to eat, at fairly upscale restaurants, at the Discovery Center at Ft. Baker, and just about everywhere else we went. The boy doesn't have variety, but he does eat often. He is ready to dig into grown-up food as soon as his 6 months probation is up. Every time we ate he looked at and grabbed at our food, until he just gave up and went back to Mom's two course meal.

And of course we had BALLGAME FOOD! Max just loves to see how much mustard I can get on my face and clothes at a ball game.

And did I mention that Ghirardelli Chocolate Sundaes at the Ballgame! And this I might add is above and beyond! I will miss these Sundaes when I return to Cincy- and the Reds! (Since both Giants and Reds have a propensity for losing the game won't be very different whether I am in Cincy or San Fran!). Baseball games are specifically designed for eating hot dogs, peanuts, and drinks. But in San Francisco, these poor fans need their usual fare that is above and beyond the normal, but then again this is San Francisco, and exactly what is normal here is still undetermined- think there is no normal here.

And Don introduced Reeder to the Shirley Temple!

So now we are the proud owners of a bottle of cherries and Grenadine- just waiting for a visitor with a passion for Shirley Temples! I bet I'll even be able to find a supply of little umbrellas somewhere in China Town.

And Reeder is a BIG HELP in the kitchen!

And we made a trip to a new ice cream parlor! She does like ice cream, but just couldn't decide which she liked best of the three different kinds we bought. A solution to that dilemma was to just eat all of them. Once again, poor Hayes just watched and hoped.

Good to the last drop!

PS: Kelly asked if I made marshmallows because homemade are better- or rather because of the experience. Well- I'm not sure how they fall out on the taste test- they are definitely different- denser- sweeter... But I do believe it is the experience- and just the fact they are homemade. I'll do them again. In fact- I'm going to do them when Amber comes for Christmas- I want her to have homemade marshmallows in her hot chocolate this Christmas.


Beyond The Strip said...

Wow, those babies can eat! Good thing, friends of ours have a baby that won't eat and the dietitian recommended putting butter in her food to increase her calories! I think ice cream and macaroni is certainly the way to go. love,b

Anonymous said...

I think I gained weight reading that! :)Looks like so much fun!