Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 2007, our last visitors this year

Amber came and went, but we did have two more visitors, even though it was only for a few hours. Our friends, Fouad & Mary Ezra, spent some vacation time in the wine country and came by our apartment on their last day for a wonderful evening of catching up and dinner. For those of you who don't know Fouad, he and I worked together at P&G for close to 30 years. He and Mary have been a part of our family gatherings and a part of our family for a long time. So we were particularly happy to have them in our temporary home if only for an evening. By coincidence it was also the last day of Hanukkah, so we quickly found 8 candles and lit them-

After we lit the candles we walked to one of "our" restaurants (have I mentioned how much we eat out- my cooking is not getting better)- We went to a Mediterranean restaurant- and enjoyed. And then we stopped off at a Chocolate Shop and bought COOKIES! Fouad loves COOKIES!

Here in San Francisco there are many chocolate shops- and lingerie shops- I understand this is so European- not at all like the Midwest- Who in the Midwest would need an underwear shop- And a chocolate shop- in every single neighborhood. Guess we don't quite "fit" in this place away from home- I need bread and milk and Graeters Ice Cream- not chocolate and underwear! Once a Midwesterner- always a Midwesterner!!! (Last Saturday Don and I were walking down in one of the shopping streets- had to make one more trip to Williams and Sonoma- anyway I stopped for some hand lotion at the Aveda shop. Well, I suddenly started getting strong "vibes from across the store"- and turned to see Don's jaw set in that only Don can set his jaw that way- I knew he had to be rescued. He was standing next to a small group- two women, one man- who were discussing their auras- and how to read each others aura. Well I feel pretty certain that Don's aura was screaming out at them if they'd been paying even a little attention. I'm afraid our Don becomes just a bit distressed when he overhears casual conversations here and realizes that folks out here really do believe all the new age "stuff"- Each neighborhood also has either a "palm reader" or acupuncturist- Why even the dog "pound" in our neighborhood does acupuncture on dogs! We feel a little like Dorothy- We're not in "Kansas" anymore!
But to the point- It was absolutely wonderful to see Mary and Fouad. We miss the times in Cincinnati we share. We always miss home- but the miss is rather front and center during the holiday season. We are thinking of all of our friends and family- And wish everyone the very best for this holiday season!


Lucas said...

Aunt Max,
While I too consider myself a mid-westerner, I think having an underware shop and a chocolate shop on every block is just about the best thing ever!

You two have no shortage of visitors, that's for sure. Glad a little bit of home came to you.

Anonymous said...

Mom, sounds like you are spot on in reading Don's aura. It reminded me that I saw two people in the San Fran airport doing yoga in front of a window overlooking the tarmac when Will and I left in June. I stopped to suggest a shot of whiskey would ease their jitters more effectively. - love, brandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Don and Max,
To prepare for next year’s Hannukah, start practicing :-) :-)
Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech Haolam Asher Kidshanoo Bemitzvotav ve Tzeevanoo Lehadlik ner shei Chanuka.

And remember that you have to give a gift each Hanukah night !!!

Fouad and Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Missed you this holiday season.... sounds like you had no trouble filling your time. Our e-mail is down for now so if you happened to send aything we haven't seen it. Remind me when you are coming back to Ohio? LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BOTH!
Kels & CO