Sunday, November 4, 2007

Matthew and Sharon Lucas:

It is official. Matthew and Sharon did some double tasking while taking their vacation to Hawaii. One was a great vacation and the other was a great honeymoon. Yep, they got married while in Hawaii on October 26. They are planning parties to celebrate with family and friends in both New York and Cincinnati sometime in the Spring or early Summer. So we will keep you posted on the upcoming celebrations and give you plenty of notice if you want to join us in either location. Here are some pictures that they have uploaded on Matthew's picture website. If you want to look at others of Hawaii, here is the website address:

Sharon is a "girl" from Long Island. She went to an art academy in New York and has a degree in animation though she hasn't done work in animation. She is an expert in fashion photography retouch (this month's cover of GQ was "finished" by our own Sharon Lucas). She's why all of us strive to attain such impossible beauty standards- the models wouldn't look so good without Sharon and her special skill. But for now she's looking at a career change- (it is amazing that one so young is changing careers-But then Don and I are just a bit too stable- I've been nursing for 36 years- and he has been at P&G for 30- BORING!)- anyway- she completed a certificate program in TREES- now if that wasn't a sure bet to win her new father-in-law's heart (Marianne was a shoo in with Don when it became apparent she was the "handyman" around the house and she loved to work side by side with Don- I'm rather partial to the "he does the work and I stay out of his way"- these girls really know how to reel in the affection of their father-in-law). Anyway- back on track Sharon is an Aborist! Currently she is interning at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden- we promise a tour if the weather permits when we have the party in New York- we now know an INSIDER! And Mary Jo and Mary- she knits! And cooks! And to top that all off she loves our Matthew! When we met Sharon it was "love at first sight". We understand that for Matthew it was also "love at first sight"- it just took Sharon a bit longer to catch up. But we're all the same page now- And absolutely delighted.

Can you imagine a place more beautiful than this tropical paradise for a wedding?

So we welcome Sharon Lucas (yep- she's changing her name- a real old-fashioned girl!) And we look forward to meeting her friends and family in New York (and we hope that many of you can join us both in New York and in Cincinnati as we celebrate this New Family!)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Matthew and Sharon for eloping hi HI! The pics are great, I like the one w/ Sharon in the tree, she looks almost part of it, great work for an arborist/retouch artist! - love, Brandy

Lucas said...

Oh my goodness! Such happy, happy news! Congratulations to Matthew & Sharon! Can't wait to meet her so be sure to send an invite up to Minnesota.

(And as you can see, Lucas is a name I couldn't bear to part with when I got married!)

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful together! I hope we can see them in NYC this weekend!

Judy Mathis said...

Matt is a wonderful addition to our family and I am looking forward to meeting all of you. I have never seen Sharon soooo happy. What a cute pair they are.

Can't wait to meet you all!!

Sharon's mom