Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big News!

We have the most wonderful news! Matthew is engaged to be married to the most wonderful girl. We met Sharon last summer when they visited us in Cincinnati. We were immediately smitten with her beauty, charm and intelligence. Don was in 7th heaven- She is an arborist-And knows more about trees than Don- our family expert. In addition to her expertise in trees, she is a graphic artist- And is the talent behind making models into the beautiful images we see as real. She grew up on Long Island- And is a Brooklyn girl now.

We have been holding our breathe- wanting so much to have her as an addition to our family. And it is now official.

Sharon (Mathis) and Matthew will be visiting us here in San Fran in a couple of weeks. We are so excited to celebrate this special occasion with them. We'll provide more details about the plans of this wonderful couple as they unfold.


Anonymous said...

Wow! COngrats to Matthew.. things just keep getting more exciting for you all. I hope they put an Energizer battery in Don's pacemaker! :) Great to hear from you ... love you both so muc! Is MAtthew still living in NYC? Pat and I are going for a Saturday Night Live taping Nov. 10th.... an early Christmas gift!

Lucas said...

That's awesome! Matthew is such a cool person and I'm so glad he's found someone to share his life with. And congrats on all the upcoming babies! Life is so exciting. Much, much, much love to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Of course, congrats to Matthew! No pressure, but I'd love to attend a NYC wedding.

Congrats to Mary and the new pregnancy!

Not that it matters now, but the moving companies I have used in the AF provide box a pickup service as well. Perhaps this information will be useful on the return trip. The apartment looks great! love, Brandy