Friday, September 14, 2007

Our "Short, Fat" Baby is 24!

We celebrated the birthday of our "short, fat" baby on Tuesday, September 11. She is now 24 years old. Now I know some wonder how Amber- who is hardly fat, though does remain decidedly short- came to to be my "short, fat" baby.
It all began those 24 years ago. She was a full two pounds chubbier than Brandy- And a full two inches shorter- And wrapped tightly in the cutest little ball of a baby girl. It was love at first sight! Who could resist such a bubbly ball of baby!
And now our "short, fat" baby is growing up.

We started the celebration with a pedicure!

Amber asked if "24" qualifies
one as "fully adult". Well yes it does in fact land one firmly in the camp of the adult world. I asked if given a choice of an evening with her older sister and her older sister's friends or our teenage neighbor and her teenage friends which would she pick. Ahhhh the moment of reckoning! Yes Amber- "You're not a kid anymore!"

Jason joined us for lunch at PF Chang. We kept Amber company in her vegetarian world by all ordering only vegetable dishes. That way Amber could have any or all of the dishes she wanted- we're usually not so kind! But after all- it is her birthday!

After lunch we went to a movie- which seems so ve
ry fitting for a daughter who is indeed the biggest movie buff in our family. We saw "Becoming Jane". Jason noticed that he was the only guy in the whole theater of women. We just told him we were helping him get in touch with his feminine side.
We finished the day with dinner at local Italian restaurant, Vincenzo's. We were joined by Matt- a friend of Amber and Jason's from college who is now Jason's roommate.
By now we were all over our "shared" vegetarianism- We ordered the calamari appetizer and Amber watched while we ate!



Anonymous said...

What do short/fat babies and short/fat girlfriends both have in common? The name Amber...

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Amber. So happy to know about this blog!